Enjoying a Little Tree Service

thCM6UJIVTI work hard every day. For my entire life have been working hard. First, it was my job at this burger joint when I was in high school. Working to save money to pay for college. Then in college, I worked two jobs to pay my rent and living expenses. After graduating, I started working in the mailroom at this engineering form. With the hopes of moving my way on up the latter. Which I did. In less than three years, I moved from the mailroom to junior partnership to partnership in another three years. Yes, I have worked hard.

For years, I lived a meager and frugal existence. I kept my nose to the grindstone, save and scrape. No type of splurging. I hate debt so I always worked, saved, and budget in order to keep living my debt free life. I even learned how to do many simple task around the housed so I did not have to ask someone else to do it. Over the years, I know I have save thousands of dollars from doing this.

Now I have some money. I am doing really well for myself. What even better is I don’t owe anyone anything? Well, except my property owner, for the house I rent from him. Other than that, I am great. I can afford to outsource some of the things I did myself around the house. Things I do not particular care to do but those things that are needed. Like tree pruning. I really do not like to do it. However, for years I have pruned and trimmed my own trees and shrubs. Not because I like it but I could not afford to pay anyone to do it or did I trust anyone to do it right.

After reviewing my budget, it looks like I can afford to have a tree service company come once a mothing or so to take care of the trees and shrubs of this place. While I am at, I think I will sign up for a few other services.

Why work hard and earn a decent living if you cannot enjoy it right? As my dad always said, you cannot take it with you. Now it seems as though I understand his sentiments exactly. No more pinching and saving. I have enough money to do a little wiggling as it may. In addition, I will.

After the tree pruning and trimming, they have promised to install a lightening system in one of the trees in the back of the house. Something that I have been meaning to do for years. After we had that bad lightning storm six summers ago it seems that this tree is a lightning magnet. It being so close to the house is very dangerous and it scares the mess out of me.   Now I will not have to worry about it anymore.

It is nice to finally get to enjoy the fruits of my labors. As if I said before I have worked hard for what I have, I will enjoy it. This is my pre-New Year’s resolution and I plan to keep it.

We, at Cobra Enjoys a Little Fun

th (18)This weekend was a blast. It was relaxing and entertaining. My husband is away for a few days, deer camp. Actually, he has been gone for about a week now and will be returning tomorrow. As the last weekend with him away, I decided to have a girl’s weekend and invited some friends and my sister over for an old school slumber party. Just like, I had when I was a kid. It was a nice throwback to easier times. In addition, I think everyone else enjoyed herself.

There are some many things to do when organizing a party or get together for friends. When I host my Winter Slumber Blast Weekend, there are a few things that are staples. Without them, it would not be a slumber party. No, I do not mean extra pillows for a pillow fight. I honestly I have never participated in a pillow fight in any slumber party I attended. Not now as an adult or when I was a child.

Anyway, here are my sure fire tips to planning a great slumber party. However, be forewarned your guest my not want to leave your house, please keep this in mind when deciding.

Board games

I love boards games, I always have. Whenever I have a party at my house I like to make sure, I have a few board games that are very interactive like Pictionary or Scattegories. Both are great at breaking the ice and loosening people up. More importantly it creates a lifetime of memories that will be carry one for years. This is also necessary if you have guests that may not know each other or do not know each other well. Wonderful icebreakers.

Plan an easy menu with lots of snacks

Food is crucial to any party no matter what it is. Plan you menu to be fun and easy to eat. Try a bake potatoes bar or sliders. Something that is easy to carry and not sloppy to eat. Make sure you have lot of snacks of the savory and the sweet kind. Of course, it is good to have a little vegetables and fruits to help break down all that food. I like to make a fruit bowl and vegetable tray. Then I lay it out buffet style, making sure to replenish as the night goes on. It has a given, everyone expects to leave a slumber party full and bloated.

Have to have movies

Movies are necessary in any slumber party it does not matter if you are seven, thirteen, or thirty. Fun, comedic romances are what every slumber party must have. With the advent of streaming shows and movies. This is easy. Just turn on Netflix or Hulu and you are in business. You can watch movies and television shows as much as your heart desires. On the other hand, your guests heart’s desire.

The next you are looking to host a fun and festive slumber for you and your girls use these sure fire tips for a great time for all. Trust me I have been having slumbers parties since I was eight years old. Each one, which off without a hitch and to this day folks still mention my slumbers, parties with a smile on their face. In addition, a longing to return.

Coincidently, I use the same formula for office parties.  No matter what type of social gathering these tips will go over like butter on a hot piece of toast!  I guarantee it!


Prepare for success

th (14)Usually around this time of year, our only worry is snow and ice. Maybe a little freezing rain but mostly snow and ice. I think we all were surprised when we had an old fashion thunderstorm complete with real life lightning. It really was something that took everyone by surprise, myself included. I just never thought something reminiscent of a summer storm would appear so late in the year. Nevertheless, here we are.

No matter what time of year it is or what type of storm there are a few things that I like to do to prepared. You never know what may happen. If the power will go out, or a tree falls onto your home or vehicle and you are unable to get help or supplies. Then you have to wait for a tree service, like the great people of Springfield Tree Service, to come out and release you from your nature impending prison. Usually doing a storm all the tree service business are so busy, try as they might, it may take a while for them to come to your location.

With that being said, I like to be prepared. Before any storm or cold weather season, I like to do these particular things to make sure me and my family will be safe, fed, and not die of thirst.

Take measures to ensure that my property is protected

In order to protect my property, I will first make sure the windows are secured and covered. A few years ago, I have storm shutters installed on all of my windows. When a storm coming I call pull my shutters shut and my family and I will be protected from shattering glass and random projectile that may come flying through the window pane.

I also like to make sure all of our outside furniture, toys, and machinery are put away in the sheds and garage. Those items that are not that easy to remove I will try to secure it to the ground. Once before during a bad storm our basement flooded and we lost many items that we had stored in it. Since then I have learned my lesson and have stored all items on the second floor in our house or at a storage shed.

Stock up, stock up

I always like to make sure we have items such as bottle water, canned foods, and first aid kit. Sometimes the power goes out during a bad storm or the water is not safe to drink. It’s great to have these items already on hand, instead of waiting until the last minute and have to fight the crowds in the supermarket and department stores.

Having proper tools and fuel is also necessary for my family and me. I cannot count the number of times that a storm had knocked out the power and we had to use our fireplace to heat our home and cook our meals. It’s good to have all these things ahead of time. You never know what the worst-case scenarios is during these times until you are living it.

Determine a safe place in your home

My family like to take times throughout the year to practice safety drills, discuss, and remind each other of the safe places within our home. As well as what to do if you are away from the house during a natural disaster. We run periodic fire drills as well. People always think that these things will not happen to them, when it does they have no idea what to do.   We are determine to not be that type of family, so we practice and prepare.

What do you do? How do you prepare? Repeatedly we are shown that the only way too safely service and unforeseen natural disaster is to be prepared.   Many people who have suffer through natural disasters find out the hard way that there really isn’t anyone to lean on during these times. Do not expect to have help, other than from your family member and others that you prep with. Think and live like this and you will be able to overcome anything that life throws at you.


Black Friday Tips to Success



One of my favorite times of the year is drawing closer with each passing day. I cannot wait; I have been planning, saving, and stargazing my route. To ensure that I hit up all my favorite places, break for lunch, then continue again. While maximizing my funds and fun and limiting wasted time and energy. It is almost like you have to be a military generally to pull this off and I may not be that but I am ready. I have my lists made, map drawn out, and my estimated time of arrival all calculated. For the biggest shopping day of the year, at least in my book, you can never be too organized and prepared.

Black Friday here I come.

If you want a successfully run Black Friday shopping venture then you must implement my go to rules and etiquette. If you do then you complete the day knowing that you got the most out of it and spent the least amount of money possible.


Before you even decide to leave your house, research what deals are going on and where. There is not time to walking around without any directions. After creating your list of the things, you need for yourself and your home or gifts for other people. It does not matter, know the deals and who has them. This will also play into the traveling agenda. I like to start a month my research a month before the big day, then revisit two weeks before and again a few days before. Always leave room for door busters and unexpected sales that they may not advertise.

With your research when make sure to include the price of the item and at what store in your list. As I said before some stores have sales and door busters on things that were not advertised. IF this item is on your list for a comparative or cheaper price then you will know.

Coupons, discounts, and price match

Always check for manufacture and in-store coupons and discounts. Combine with the already slashed prices you may walk away with steals after steals. Go online to the store website and other coupon website, print, and then organize each of these coupons by store then item. You will not have time to fumble around you bag, purse, or wallet looking for coupons. On the other hand, worst you misplace it and cannot find it when you need it.

Always check and see if different stores honor price match. Some stores will match or even beat the price of the same item advertise cheaper in another store. By utilizing price match, you can cut down on the number of stores you must visit. If you are able to get the same item at the same price at one store. This is a logistics dream move.

Early bird gets the early worm.

It really does pay to be early on this day. Many stores have deals early in the morning so those that over sleep will miss out. Some deals only last as long as the item is in stock. IF you oversleep and miss something then ask if you can get a raincheck. You never know you may be able to come back at another day and purchase the item at the same low Black Friday prices.

Shop Online

Why bother to leave the comfort of your home? Stay home, enjoy your cup of tea or coffee, no need to get out of those comfortable pajamas, or even comb your hair. Go online and shop until you drop or have to go to the bathroom. This is a great option if you are shopping for gifts for other people and they live out of town. You can buy and ship all in one swift click of the mouse. You maybe see deals that is not available to those shopping in store. I cannot count the number of online only deals I have taken advantage of.

These are just a few of my go to moves for Black Friday. I hope you able to put these into place yourself and have a safe and wonderful Black Friday.