I am Just Not that Handy

thH89C2MJ7I do not know what I was thinking. I am not what some would call “handy” actually; I am the complete opposite of that. I remember when I was younger and my grandfather tried to so show me how to use a hammer and nail in case I ever want to, I do not know, hang a picture or something. I ended up nailing my shirt, pants, and a shoelace to the wall. I have no idea to this day how I did that. That was the first and last time my grandpa tried teaching me anything about being a handy person. On the other hand, tool practical understanding. No matter how much older I am or how much time has passed I am still anti-handy.

I have a Chinese dwarfed maple trees in front of my house. They are so cute I had to have them. A few years ago, I bought them and my wonderful mother planted them for me. All I had to do was water and feed for the first couple of months then they were on their own. In addition, boy have they been striving. I am quite proud of my little trees. Now almost two years later I noticed that a little tree trimming is due. They were starting to look a little shaggy around the hedges. Essentially my trees needed a haircut.

After reading a few articles and watching what felt like hours of videos online I felt as though I was prepared to do it on my own. As if I want to tree trimming college or something, I was empowered and ready to get my trim on.

I went to my local home improvement store to pick up some supplies. I had a list with everything I needed to accomplish the job. As I am in nursery and yard care department, I start to doubt myself. Reflecting on that time with my grandpa, you all remember the story. How unbelievably clumsy I was trying to hammer a nail. How in the heck am I supposed to do this? As soon as I was about to give up and start putting everything back, someone came up to me as ask if I needed any help. I have never been as happy to see a sales person as I was right then and there! I took this time to explain what I was trying to do and how nervous I was to do it.

She soothed my fears and encourage me to try it out. She suggested that I start on whichever tree and side was least noticeable to others that may be looking at my house. Then she looked at my list and took me around to get all the items explaining to me how to use each one. She warned me what not to do and what to look for when attempting to trim these trees.

Armed a lot of stuff and knowledge I drove home with a newfound confidence and determination. I was ready to do this.

I started the tree farthest from the street and least noticeable. I did as the sales girl and my research informed. It was going great until I accidently cut a cord going to my house. Giving me a light electrocution. Not to mention the shock caused my hand to clench down on the shears I was using. Instead of trimming the tree, I ended up whacking a large portion of the branches off. It was horrible.

When the shock wore off, I went online, checked out some reviews, contacted a tree service to come, and finished the job. I guess I can try selling the stuff I bought online or maybe give it to one of my neighbors. I know that I will never being doing that again. Lesson learned.

Variety is the Spice of Life

th (22)Over the years, I have worked a variety of jobs to support myself through school and eventually my family. At least until I found my dream job. My dream career. Nevertheless, until then I have done so many different odd jobs and have gained so many different skills some that is still applicable some that I probably will never use again as long as I live. Nevertheless, I have had a plethora of employments positions.

I remember working two years as a forklift truck operator. Yes little old me, I am a, well at least I was, a license forklift driver. That was pretty fun and easy job. Oh and I made a lot of money doing that. Then I went on to work as a salesperson. Trying to sell kitchen makeovers. That was supposedly affordable but all too many people were complaining to me that it was too risky. That the credit process require too much collateral that it really scared people away from doing it. This really peaked my curiously. One day I decided to sit down and do some research. After reading about the financing process and terms, I decided that this is not something I wanted to be associated with. THEREFORE, I gave my two week noticed and continue on to my next employment adventure.

This time I decided to try my hand at office management. For about three years, I work as an administrative assistant. This was not so bad. I enjoyed organizing things and I had plenty of opportunities to do so. I was a great assistant too. So much so that I recently receive a call, form that employer asking me to come back. They are in between assistance and need someone to fill in immediately. Unfortunately, I had to decline the offer, I am a busy person after all, and I barely have time for myself as it is. We all must know when it is time for us to draw the line.

Before I started my own business, I worked for a heating and cooling, a small business that was just started up. I apprentice as technician assistant. To be honest I did not care for this type of work. For whatever reason I just could not get into it, which is really weird because I usually love hands on jobs more so than any other does. However, not so with this one. With that being said, I still loved going to work. Because my boss and the people I worked with were amazing. They really accepting me and brought me into their company not like I was their employee but like I was family. Seven years later and I am still close with everyone that worked there when I did. To this day, I still get my employee discount for their services and products. Whenever I can, I like to send business their way.

I appreciate every job I had, big and small. I have learned so much from each one. I think it is because I went through so much that I know what I want, what I am passionate about, and how to run a great business. I have no doubt in my mind that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.