About Us

thFPJKW472Cobra Insurance was started by Stephanie Dean, a single mother of three beautiful kids, Adam, Sarah, and Hannah.  A few years ago her and her husband figure out that they were happier and better apart than together.  After some soul searching and great considerations they decided to part amicably.

After years of being a housewife, Stephanie was looking forward to her new freedom.  For years she has been trying to convince her husband to start an insurance company.  But the timing was never right.  After completing their divorcee, she now is able to do things on her own thing.  After securing the capital Stephanie started her insurance company, Cobra Insurance.  Specializing in life, auto, and home insurance.

When Stephanie is not busy with her booming business or her kids you can find her busy tutoring adults to read.

Cobra Insurance has been around for seven years and has insured thousands of clients.  We have great, reasonable, and competitive rates.  Cobra Insurance also prides itself on having a personal touch that major insurance companies are lacking.  Being a somewhat small and private insurance we can offer that personal care and concern.  We strive to be the number one insurance in all life’s happenings.

Cobra Insurance is really Stephanie Dean.  She insist that those that work for her exhibit warmth, concern, and understanding to the clients.  Just as she cares about those in her community she encourages us at Cobra Insurance to care about our clients.  We want to be the insurance that is passed on through the generations  with high referrals to friends, family, and neighbor. Cobra Insurance is your neighborhood insurance.