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completely occluded with lymphoid growths, the central

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close his official duties in connection with the State

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the American Medical Association, Dr. Park Lewis of

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special interest and its consideration of practical

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Benze. in text under figures opposite page 280, should

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charge that the operation was performed without the

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Febrile Symptoms. — Intermittent fever with cramps in the

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s3 SMs. — Chafing of the skin in children with bilious symptoms.

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condition and as the partial withdrawal of the fluid

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application in such diseases as the stings of insects, also as a

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of the diastolic murmur at the ring and its feeble-

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the eye and pathology receives a generous and proper

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" and if a strict observance is had in their aelection, the physician will cure all

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* Read before the Syracuse Academy of Medidne, May 18,

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Calcarea phos. — Chafed skin, excoriation, itching of the

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A lady called to see me just after a severe hemorrhage from the womb, in fact

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tiveness, effects of violent emotions, grief or care, weakness of

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were ooalioDed in leee frequent dosea. Six dayti After 017 Brat visit the patient waa