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had practically disappeared. meningitis. While the serum is capable of ar-

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having been published at the time of the volume's going

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with pure carbolic acid, and ordered argyrol, 10 per

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the art, because the ureteral orifices are at times

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charge of the troublesome cases, and not the disposition

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suppuration, when there is cutting pain, tension, throbbing or

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" Iron and the Potaah ; the one removing the inflammation, the other causing the

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Pemim phos. — At the commencement, this remedy ehould

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of attention and the opposite in depression; thus con-

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ing double, flatulent distension of the stomach with constrictive

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clinical picture is entirely different. The patient,

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in the joints, chronic or acute, that change about. Acute

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sociation of Nerve Neuclei," also the last paper pub-

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KToliiloua pareniB, haa an idiotic brother, patient himself mute and almost an

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tical utility of pasteurization of milk. His enthusiasm

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A special committee appointed to agitate the question

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pathic Hospitals; Elimination of Political Influence;

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cent., large mononuclear and transitional forms, 6th of January the pain in the neck and shoulders

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as his opinion that infection is always by way of the

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Caloarea snlph. — Discharge of matter from the ear, some-

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"a' that," Well, I went through the examination auffidently scrutiniziagly to

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were symmetrically dilated. Magneiia phM. was prescribed — two grains of the

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Tonsils inflamed, with deafbeea, much swelling: Kali mur.

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mentary Tract. Philadelphia and New York. Lea &

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This drug, however, is relieved by cold applications, also

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that all these difficulties once existed in only less

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troduction of Kaiiphoi. and Magnetium phoi. In ordioarj stomatitis, with swell-

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This endeavor by Dr. Camac, to place before students

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ears." Thara were a naml>er of nervous symptoms in the case, that led me to

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allopaths had treated her in vain, dtagooaiDg the aSecllDQ aa cancer of the

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Purulent sores which may result from abrasions, pimples,

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proud flesh ; putrid aud acrid ichor, with elevated and bluish

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removed, but pain and swelling increased. Deep fluctua-

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the numerous cases is tabulated, with an account of

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choly, ill_humored from nervous exhaustion. Mental illusions,

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derness were present. Through some error the patient

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escape of their acrid, irritating contents, tiiat a

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superficial ulcer having but little infiltration. If

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Brighton; Vice-President — Walker Washington, Tot-

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the base of the skull diagnosed. The right side of his

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putrid stools. Hemorrhages. Blood dark, thin and not co-

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Mental Symptomg. — Suicidal tendency, mnst exerdse reetraint,

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Dr. Findlay is to be congratulated as the author of

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private theatrical for her benefit ; and during the

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Society and to James Taylor Lewis for the very able

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than they are, louder than thev are, of a wrong char-

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April 8, passed Printed Nos. 1540, 1905. Int. 1302.

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whenever he stopped with the medicine, he felt worse again. By continuing

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enlarged gland first of all interferes with bladder

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ness or bluish, florid appearance of face, sour risings, etc.

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there is much of interest, especially to one who cares

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interferes with the arterial blood supply, so that elimi-

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The illustrations are particularly eood and were all

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An Act to authorize the city of New Rochelle to bor-

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H. ERNEST SCHMID— Some Observations on the Expert in Psychiatry on the Witness Stand and Cer-

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to granting authority to the Board of Estimates and

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Kali phOB. — Hysteria in females, nervous attacks from sud-

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whole it is a notable book, in that it gives the latest

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This little book is full of the author's spirit of enthu-

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cases of paralytic club-foot, that the rate of bone

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red and hot and painful, inflamed. Ostitis, periostitis.

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7. American Journal of the Medical Sciences, October, 1903, p. 671.

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copoeia, be appointed by the chair, whose duty it shall

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Kali mnr. — Intense pain in the abdomen, cutting as from

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o. "Uterine Malpositions," J. H. Glass, M.D., Utica.

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from an attack of diphtheria; while one attack is no

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petuate these natural resources a bill had been intro-

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advance, the activities of swiftly moving sciences.

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♦ Read before the Fifth District Branch of the Medical Societj

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temperature varied between 100 and 102 ; the leucocytes

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tives about the intricacies of their disease, how to