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Beer, has the honor of being the first man to practice
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factors and of the attack itself is presented and a dif-
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Dp b; four doctors as bejond medical treatment. The Professor's diagnosis ran
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for the belter in a week, and it being continued cured the ca«e in two months.
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have to remain in bed, being so weak that she could not get about. She com-
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" in the stomach. If the tongue has a golden-yellow coating, creamy, moist, give
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Femun phos, — Throat dry, red, inflamed, with very much
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sections, 76a and 76b, relative to the discharge of
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Pains with sensation of crawling coldnsss and numbness.
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muscle, produced by ischsemra, may be compared to the
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Gage-Day, Kingston; Treasurer, Aden C. Gates, King-
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diarrhcea of scrofulous and rachitic children." (Bell & Laird.)
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I do not know but he is to-day ; no man could be more surprised than myself at
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ply of water for such village and to raise the neces-
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ing, irritating discharges, causing itching and falling off of the
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The part of this book of most interest to the physi-
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SMITH BAKER— The Nervous Symptoms of Chronic Diflfuse Interstitial Nephritis 299
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inates about the level of the third sacral vertebra.
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and children of Major James Carroll, an army surgeon,
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thy of note that while he remained consulting surgeon
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fortable and with no running of tears, except when the
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scientific discoveries, but few of greater practical
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phoa^ 6z, in tbint, appetite and general strengtb, also in quantity of arine. How-
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alternately with the Magnetia pho4. — the former once daily, the latter twice. In
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One is not told that this or that form of treatment may
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found, reaching from the glabella to the inion, while
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cases of nephritis originating during intra-uterine
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tion in a careless, widespread fashion — is a neces-
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term he was unable to attend recitations. **At this
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bowels redacted and shrunken, shriveled, and a pain in the stomach of a burning
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Katnun mnr — Dull, heavy headache with profusion of
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It is a pleasure to review this well-balanced work,
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by absorption of the bone about it ; so that for the
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Case i.— J. R., 53, U. S. A., entered B. G. H., in Dr.
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functional standpoint ; each living cell is also an
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All books for review should be sent to the business office of
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like condition of affairs existing in that portion of
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An Act to prohibit the manufacture and sale of cigar-
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ultimate essence an extremely delicate one, and yet
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Kali phos. — Atrophy of the bones with putrid smelling
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running had all ceased and the hearing was perfect. I frequently use the SUieta
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tweoty-four hours only a very small qaantity was passed, although the child
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with the infirmary surgeon to have it taken off'. Tbii was agreed on, six daja
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cided to make the presentation of this membership an
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stead of the blooming, healthy girl she had been, a pale, emaciated Sgure whom I
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cent, of fat, although very many analyses in this country
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upon by the New York Academy of Medicine as offering
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ton, of a proposition to raise $1,500 annually by gen-
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ferent compounos. This salt is soluble in a solution of sodium
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tures of the eye and ear, and their treatment is on
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a simple fracture of the femur through its middle third
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reliance on clinical pictures led to in the case of
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drugs. Pratt holds the drug obsession responsible in
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Kali mnr. — The specific or chief remedy in this disease,
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Meeting, paaMd the following : "Bole No. 1. — Tlie name and amount of the actlye ingredlenta of all astamal and Internal
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eight honestly believed hallucinations in one subject,
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Hag^eaia phos. — Cramps in any part of the body, legs,
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Oeo^e 8. Norton, M.D,, show the beautiful action of Kali mur. in nlceration of
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Will it be a success Without doubt it will be a great
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had practically disappeared. meningitis. While the serum is capable of ar-
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An Act making an appropriation for a tuberculosis hos-
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like condition of affairs existing in that portion of
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ing double, flatulent distension of the stomach with constrictive
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had no reason to regret my choice, for after the first few doses (three times a day,
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sociation of Nerve Neuclei," also the last paper pub-
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an epidemic of whooping cough amongst the children here, a little child, at. 10
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Committee on Legislation, W. A. Howe, Phelps; Chair-
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cent., large mononuclear and transitional forms, 6th of January the pain in the neck and shoulders
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mentary Tract. Philadelphia and New York. Lea &
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troduction of Kaiiphoi. and Magnetium phoi. In ordioarj stomatitis, with swell-
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Nellis, C. E. Townsend, G. D. Grepor and E. E. Snow.
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allopaths had treated her in vain, dtagooaiDg the aSecllDQ aa cancer of the
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gulph., and its mental and nervous symptoms to Kali phoa.,
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proud flesh ; putrid aud acrid ichor, with elevated and bluish
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Feeling of lump in throat on swallowing: Natr. aulph.