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tion, with headache every morning. Menses too profuse and

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Cirenlatory Organs. — Pulse quick with slow, throbbing, boring

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An Act to amend section 22 of the Consolidated Public

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treated in the institute at Paris 29,261 cases, and

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while in the other wards he states **I was treated with

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gator of unusual attainments. It presents the subject

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if any, so slight that, as a rule, the physician is

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and at what period of their course it majr be exjjected is

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the sneezing and barah breathing began, and begged of me to check it if possible.

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his nose and throat; as he replied in the negative I

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bin is 90 per cent, and the red blood cells 6,050,-

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the authorities of the states involved. In October,

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Ears. — Deafness from swelling of the tympanic cavity, or

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established in the distal segment^ since the same result

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diagnosis in appropriate cas^s than in its applica-

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and increased hearing, confining himself more to func-

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mouth. Pain sometimes comes on two hours after taking food.

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adding a new section, 1169a, relative to establishing

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KfUi miiT. — Small white thread worms, causing itching at

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The following ofiBcers were elected for the year 1910:

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the ultra side of the violet are still shorter waves

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tee. April 7, reported amended. Printed Nos. 171 2.

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bacilli may be found even in the absence of clinical symp-

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This is the official book of the Emmanuel movement,

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city if it wishes to lessen or stamp out the malady,

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it is dangerous for the offspring to have a father,

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"Vaccine Treatment of Surgical Tuberculosis," Lewis

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or injured nerve to rest, or a chemically irritated

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dren, disappearing with age, and this condition has

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strikingon account of its being cured so rapidly. In May last a little ^1, nt. 8,

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Female, married, xt. 30, asthma, attack violent, greenish, purulent expectors-

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sation at the epigastrium; watery looseness of the bowels, with

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the history of this case being cited above. The per-

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strong promisefl of relief. Nor were we disappointed ; she fell asleep in an hour

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Sleep. — Excessive sleep if traced to on excess of moisture in

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An Act to amend section 161 of the Ck)nsolidated Labor

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medicines, and he moved that the Council be instructed

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are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

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Then the steps of the operation are given; and this is

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stetric nurses will find the book a safe and satisfactory

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Ferrom phoB. — This is the first remedy to be given in aU

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into hypertrophies and atrophies, is of most value, al-

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the County By-Laws. And that the report of the Com-

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It also contains a grammatical guide for the student of

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tice ; no one part of his ability can be considered

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their stay indefinitely in su^oh surroundings wher^e

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a full dose every two hours. Immediately the spasms became less frequent. On the

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ficial effect, then Oalearea phot, and it bad no good efiect, as the paroxysms grew

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power over suppuration, with its chiiracteristic accompanying symptoms. (Dr.

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discharge, slimy. This remedy and Calcarea phos. should be

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of the illegal practitioners in Syracuse. 1 am sorry

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ing shall continue to be members of the United States

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much improved, lees p^n, less swelling, temperature 100, pulse 100 ; continued

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ing a new sub-division, 6, to section 2, relative to

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student of infant criminology and was r^arded as an

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An Act making appropriations for the State charitable

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of the limbs. Epilepsy resulting from vicious habits, spasms,

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During the discussion the following motion was made

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Detirium, in general: Ferr. phoa., Natr. mvr., Kaliphoa.

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Qumber of states in past years, and 'has appended a

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the prescription by writing the words, 'Give no copy.'

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tures have been added. It is a practical book, and this

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A case from a contributor m&j here be meatioDed, which was cured hjKi^imMT.

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diflferential diagnosis, for that would be to write

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came on again with such violence that the bedstead gave way, I coniolted ScbiiBa-

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essentially bound up in the use of fat foods. Where the

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gfreatly from cow's milk, and that from the diatetic