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of Medicine, tend to convey the idea that I favor the
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a musical entertainment, and was compelled to go to bed on account of the pu.n.
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Natnim phos.— Itching, sore and raw anus. Stools white
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Eali phOB. — In large and oft repeated doses is the chief rem-
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day I found her with very high fever, pulse 120 ; severe pains in back and limba ;
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tests, be they microscopical or chemical in nature.
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we find little progress in the clinical application
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energy thereto, and being chemically split into two parts of
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director of the division of communicable diseases in
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experience with this remedy. I am particularly anxious
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insist that he must have studied law; the clergy aver
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It is with the utmost regret that the Council of the
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quentlf, hoireTer, a soft pre-eystolic blowing sound was at times audible, as if the
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908 still living, and of these 67.4 per cent were able to
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stances (i. e., the fibrin) as does the phosphate of lime to the
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company which pays less than five dollars ($5) for a
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district and appropriating $500,000 therefor, and for
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send was printed in the April issue of the Joxtrnal as
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ITatnim sulph. — Griddiness, with bilious coating on the
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An Act to amend the education law, in relation to com-
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supposed cured it. She used it vigorously and within three days reappeared with
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suspect paralysis everywhere. I acknowledge I may have given Kaii phot, too
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completely after acute febrile symptoms which the serum cases. The general statement only
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sented in favor of transfusion, its clinical use did
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injection in worm troubles. Dr. Morgan prefers infrequent
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nearly stupid — full of the eclamptic poison. Then
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question of quantitive dietetics is very ivX\y discussed
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rectly over the lachrymal crest, as in the skin in-
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turbance of A« balaoce of the molecules of the JVofnuN mut. and molecules of
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ears suppurating, both canals filled with pus of a dark color and fetid in character.
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medical examination fees. By vote of the Society, a
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He was always giving the best there was in him to his
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series of colored lamps; a century later the same at-
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jroungeat had suffered from this conditioD for dz or tevea yei,H, and received
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produced and their relation to organic changes in the
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Chemical Properties.— Formula, MgHP04 7 (H20). It is
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to her teacher, Dr. A. Marie, and contains a preface by
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for within two years is evidence of a ready reception of
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of symptoms derived from very large doses, old school sources,
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with flow of tears and reddened conjunctiva. Ciliary neuralgia
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description of the principles and technique of this
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I learned from him that she could not lie down, her breathing was aggravated
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were preaenL I have relieved colic in young children with this same remedy
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locked to certain receptors of bacteria, or foreign
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itchy, accompanied by gastric derangements and acidity.
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without word or sign; that persons in crisis or near
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It should be noted that the Council has omitted the
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by KaH mur., bat still thera Was induration (hardnesB) and an uneven surface.
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that great efforts are necessary in order to change
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Society, S. B. Ward, M.D., Chairman; H. C Gordinier,
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worse on the right side, and are always relieved by warmth
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I saw her, she was apparently well in every way and became pregnant again, and
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of jointe, violent pains : Magnet, phot., KaU su^h.
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gravel, lithic deposits, hrickdust-like coloring matter in the
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it could be recommended to the general practitioner as
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upon him, to be consistent in his attitude, mindful
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specialty emphatically presents certain medical feature:i
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a new subdivision 12 to section 692, relative to am-
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section 64-a, relative to destruction of diseased do-
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tical Association, at its April meeting. The sentiments
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weiy alight ecarlatina. Theraah had diaappeared after scarcely twenty- four houn.
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and day. by his bedside, and at his funeral, when there
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Katrum phos. — Soreness, chafing of the skin in children.
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is as beneficial as for the soul. If you doubt this
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condition ; child-birth only increasing the severity
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Ferrum phoa. — Diabetes, when there is a quickened pulse*
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District Branch and the Medical Society of the State
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'degree of photophobia; pain was leli-sided and involved the supramaiillary
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growth and bacteria and disease m animal organisms.
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irritation with stiffness of nape of the neck with headache.
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stituting the words "is dropped from the roll for non-
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made, a drainage tube inserted and daily irrigation >
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JAMES M. ANDERS— -Relative Aortis Incompetency of Muscular Origin 199
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She would have subacute attacks which would last for severa months, confining
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An Act relative to tenement houses, constituting chap-
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Dr. Feichtmsn, of AU6 Lendra, in Hungar;, reports fifteeD cases o( acule