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CHARLES C. ZACHARIE— Microcephalus with Enccphalocele 408

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Kali mnr. — Jaundice if the disease has been caused by a

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Copious perspiration around head, accompanying paralytic

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"ether feeding" in a chloroform narcosis is mentioned,

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Dr. C.H. Thompson, of Santa Boea, furnishes us a case of neuralgic node in the

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the circulation — especially when from the arterial system,

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be marked 'copy* or 'copia' and should be plainly and

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and love, he could only take for theme and plot what

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W. Watson, at. 40. Ulceration of stomach, vomited all his food, and

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form, from a''r^n1ar," three doaea a daj', aod had been for a year or mora; all to

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various committees, had been vice-president, and was

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Foul otoirhcea. Ears open at times with loud report. Sup-

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Katmin mm. — With smarting, beating and protrusion of

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An Act to amend sections 92 and 93 of the G>nsoli-

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all of these three nerves were served in the same indi-

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