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Hepar sulph. but it acts deeper and more intensely.

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piles, associated with antemia; face pale, readily flushing, cold

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of Physicians and Surgeons, and Surgeon of the Pres-

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portant subject, either of approval or disapproval.

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that the possibilities of surgery of chronic abdom-

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at this stage ; it is simply dissected out of its bed

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author generally avoids controversial subjects, but he

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character of the subject of a biography, or of a bio-

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One of the most striking commentaries upon There are certain limitatfons in the serum

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2. ♦Dennis J. Harte, D., 35. Stevens St, Long Island

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into hypertrophies and atrophies, is of most value, al-

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An Act to amend section 18 of the Consolidated Insan-

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lives, and great reduction in expenses of caring for the

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ler's Therapy, and ordered MagTKgia pAos. After taking this remedy on the 10th

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thing else. It is sufiicient to say that its origi-

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sist of five members: the Secretary and Treasurer of

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assured position that it always has. It is a concise

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muscles consisted of a small ball of elastic tissue

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blur of colors was all he perceived of objects beyond a

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September 9, found child with double inguinal hernia

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Clear, watery, starch-like sputa. Secretion causes soreness and

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weiy alight ecarlatina. Theraah had diaappeared after scarcely twenty- four houn.

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duced immediate improvement, although we considered her moribund (she had

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109, no, III, 120, 121, 122, 124, 128, I34f i3o» 13a