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latest, Altara's demonstrations of disease germs in
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quicker reaction in exalted states, with increased power
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wise fail. Another thing that will often stop vomiting
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181 7 in New London, Conn., by Dr. £lisha North. New
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Replying to the questions in the fifth paragrraph of
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or already beinf carried out in various parts of the
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tional neuroses are to be cured by suggestion, hypnotic
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cmerration. All had been treated in hospitals by the conven-
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upon this subject. Its pages teem with the results of
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perhaps, a passing congestion or slight irritatton.
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An Act relative to perpetual care of private cemetery
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principles upon which the practice of surgery is based.
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R. A. HATCHER— The Sufficiency of Standard Remedies for Therapeutic Needs 310
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made for renew, as dictated by their merits, or in the interests
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article on the lunacy case of Warner vs. Packer and
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falo ; Dcwitt G. Wilcox. Buffalo ; Harry Y. Grant, Falls
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can be eliminated. by medical treatment, and even so
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S. Ely, J. Ewing, E. D. Fisher, J. W. S. Gouley, H. Hun,
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remove and hasten the discharge painlessly. If much in-
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An Act for the construction of such dike or dikes as
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An Act to amend the Consolidated Public Hezdth Law,
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should be, the welfare of his patient, and no other
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cure doting the time. The result, aa I could plunly see, had not been successful.
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CHARLES C. ZACHARIE— Microcephalus with Enccphalocele 408
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there is little for the reviewer to add, beyond a word
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congested, slightly sensitive, contracts sluggishly
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