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however, he chose to write a book in a hurry, and as

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vaginal walls may show no loss of flesh, although such

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J. C. BMTwirtk, M.D.. CluurniM. Brooklym S. W. S. Toom. M.D.. Nyaak S. E. G«tty. M.D.. Yoakm Al«uail«r Ual>«rt, M.D.. N«w York

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in the system. This remedy, by its power of attracting oxygen,

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In very sensitive patients, particularly if they are

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coveries appertaining to medicine. His experience was

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now bis mght was qnite gone. Thepuiicularsof the case were these; The bulbus

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derness were present. Through some error the patient

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Great dryness and burning in noae. Pus becomes green on

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is the care of children or the placing of children in

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for a laboratory, suitable for the work required, will

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incidences and discrepancies of time, kind of apparition

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with a horny scab, which after a time fell off and left a little sore. This spread

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reanlting. — Trout. Horn, Med. Soc P^ntyieania, 1886.

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mitted to the Honorable Justice under the signatures

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A motion that the previous question be called for was

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ness is partly obscured, there is a feeling of fear ;

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the chest. Muco-pus thick, ropy and yellowish-green expecto-

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pathology, therapeutics and miscellaneous subjects.

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failed, as well bu ererylhing else, and the patient had become hjpochondriacaL

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produced and their relation to organic changes in the

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eruptions with watery contents, which burst and leave thin

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Dr. Ooullon reports a case of an old gentleman who suffered greatly with a

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The eatabliibment ia fitted up with the nn»«t modern and complete

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and his disciples. The first record of it appeared in the

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rheumatic fever. I found the little patteat, who had been taken ill the previous

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by Prof. Mendel, of Berlin. In the past twenty years

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site, viz. : the lower end of the sigmoid, the nar-

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geon to St Luke's, Bellevue, City and M. E. Hospiuls.

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while the U. S. A. courts have decided that there is no

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poison, stab, is not ruled by conscience, it dresses

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light, breaking Arabian domination and restoring to

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the patient ultimately rallied, living six or seven

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The physicians and pharmacists present included Drs.

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deposit of uric acid. Enuresis from worms and in chorea.

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cated." (Dr. F., A. H. Z., '82. Letter to Schussler).

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of tliln, blight yellow, or greenish fluid, after inflammation.

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relative to barge canal harbor at Rochester. By Mr.

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frontal lobe of the brain, striking the sella turcica. The

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was dismissed, judgment in full for the doctor's bill

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suspect paralysis everywhere. I acknowledge I may have given Kaii phot, too

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wise to have a vagina as thoroughly sterilized as pos-

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Calcarea snlph. — Zwingenberg cured a case of nephritis

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Bespiratory System. — Acute inflammation of the windpipe,

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nephritic, appendical, or tubal inflammation, or to

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ting. Vomiting of bright red blood. Tendency to nosebleed

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ITatrmn mur. — Delirium occurring at any time, with start-

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" On that occasion it was in the case of an old man, Kt. 80. He suflered from

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amount of all property of tiie Society under its control

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shall serve for one year, or until his successor is

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made skiagraphs of rectal tubes passed as high as pos-

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and ' the opening closed with two row sutures, a stab

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"a mere trace of the tenderness remained. He took no other medicines. There-

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after local inoculation, prevented syphilis if injected

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on acquiring the skill and art which our great predeces-

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Kali mur. — Second stage, when swelling of abscees com-

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vulsions and cramps during dentition without fever, convulsive

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tobacco, indoor life, selfishness, prodigality, mor-

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the Enimanuel movement is not an imitation of Chris-

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yellow, also in certain reflex affections connected with the

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made for review, as dictated by their merits, or in the interests

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having been published at the time of the volume's going

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desire before, with great weakness and sinking sensation after

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sphygmo^raph, named the "clinical polygraph" and the

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