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on "Prophylaxis," which is of Jarge value and is well

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pain during typhoid is most pernicious, for it will

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after a few weeks, completely cured his trouble and he has not complained now

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fits, paroxysms ; without expectoration, spasmodic cough at

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or drawn around the body. Flatulence with pain, belching

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ward, but insisted on a resident psychiatrist in all

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Bier's. method of inducing hyperemia in these cases.

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our profession a spirit of carelessness and indifference

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MuLTiPiiE Cheloid, which appeared after the excision of a tumor, in the scar.

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was 100, pulse 90; blood pressure 100. At 845 P. M.

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cent; reds, d^ 100,000; whites, 4,200; Vvidal, positive;

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An extended discussion arose as to the advisability

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grit; can arouse himself, but tires easily; stronger mentally

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which beset this so-called physiological act, childbirth.

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could be cured. I injected eucalyptus into the orifice and it permeated the whole

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Soreness of chest, relieved by pressure: Natr ndph.

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The author of this book applies the helpful philosophy

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ods, as well as their acc^ting written testimony of tm-

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• Read before the Medical Society of the Sute of New York

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pitals, and day camps for the treatment of tuberculosis ;

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take effect the Justices of the Supreme Court assigned

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right eye anaesthetic but clear. After ten days the

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Bronchialdruessen-tuberkulose." — Ergebnisse der inneren

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chaflng. Patient must hold hia chest on coughing. Asthmatic

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Scrofulous children, nasal affections in : Cale. phos.

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amount of all property of the Society tmder its con-

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ment. It is the remedy for troublesome ailments during denti-

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ing these patients that if they want to be well they

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gressive ; in others having reached a certain size,

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factorily as injections^ and with less risk of com-

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We denjr, with heat, that this species is known only

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no other remed/. For the glandular swelling, external rednesB and ptunfalnees, I

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" crests, I lend a decided preference to the proper use of the Tissue Bemedies

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bility, confusion, relieved by gentle motion. Headache of stu-

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"Pellagra," C. H. Lavinder, Passed Asst. Surg., Ma-

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pulse 90; blood pressure no; leucocytes 14,800; ab-

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the intra-abdominal lethargy, it successfully copes

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to put oflf or prevent the evil of actual insanity.

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Ifatnim mar, — Palpitation, heart's pulsations shake the

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once in three years, and that an annual appendix of

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depression. According to the doctrines of su^ery, there was no other help hut

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It deserves, and doubtless will command, a favorable

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Rfave to his membership qualities of a high order; while

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investigation of their cases and homes — ^by health

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Kali BUlph. — Pains resembling colic. Abdomen feels cold

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establishing — according to the size of the city —

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mucous lining with discharge of thin, yellow, serous, mattery

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That subject, which of late has received so much at-

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rics in Columbia University, University of Pennsyl-

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by acid risings. Ulceration of the stomach, pain in one spot

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pain after food, or coming on two hours after, with acid sour

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Pregnancy. — Vomiting in pregnancy with bitter taste.

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tissue elements and the man was well satisfied of the cure. (A. P. Savis, M.D.)

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delirious. Nalrwnmiir. alone cured this case in about a fortnight (Dr. C-obn.

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fidence and trust in him it will be difficult to accomplish

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very quiet and retiring disposition, always avoiding

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profuse head-sweat and body dry, likes wrapping up warmly,

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tary of the State Delegation, to make a report of the

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Reference to Bacterial Vaccines," F. R. Oastler, M-D.,

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tuberculosis); the diarrhcea and vomiting were unaffected. (W. C. Qoodno, M.D.,

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on an eniptj atomafh. After one week the mother was able to furnish the very

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search, and Trustee of the Russell Sage Institute of

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shall serve for one year, or until his successor is

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"Case 1. Miss 8., st. 21, dark compleziOB, nervous temperament, clerk. She

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scales freely on a sticky base. Sores on the skin with yellow

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Kali mur. — With constipation and a thick, white fur on the

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solubility of salicylate; his answer is as lollows: 'There is

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of Kreat significance to the medical profession of this

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terization of the ureter of the kidney to be tested

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time; also we are of the opinion that it would be inad-

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