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there was a sensation of a ping in the ear, membrana tympani ii^ected and bulged,
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P&lieDt, Kt. SO, suffering from deep hypochondriaBis, melanchalia, tediousneas
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also reproved by the Austrian Society of Provers, and the patho-
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Silioea, — Spasmodic drawing in back compelling to lie still.
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a mealy, flour-like scaly surface, or a fibrinous discharge,
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conscious, although he told me later that he had no
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ing a thunder-storm. (Raue.) As a constitutional remedy
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proves efficient here,. that it will not subsequently
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Frank Van Fleet, Chairman, New York; H. L. K. Shaw, Albany;
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dren to charitable corporations, one of whose objects
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pair of nerves, also the facial nerve, Faceache with consti-
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is to suspend it in sterilized oil or liquid alboline.
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Displacements. — Displacement of the uterus, dragging down
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and had a style of remarkable felicity. He was devoted
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adults, especially rheumatic patients. Throbbing in g«nitala
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aggravated by cold. Moffnetia pkoi., 12x, cured in three weeks AUg. Som. Zeit.,
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An Act to amend section 328 of the Consolidated Pub-
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for honorary membership. This, under the rules, was
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Aid to Diagnosis in Nervous Diseases," Robert King,
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epileptic." He had resolved that he would rather kill
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so extensive as to hanq>er its beneficial purpose.
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ochre colored stools or flocculent evacuations, and for abdomi-
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relieved by lying on something hard, spine and extremities
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The diagnosis, in the first place, is open to ques-
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Moved that the resolutions be adopted. Motion unan-
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cultural Law, relative to suppression of infectious
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back; chill luta iwarlT two hctm, with no thlnt dnring chilL Fever all the
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children, cerebral palsies and nervous disorders gener-
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Calcarea inlpjl. — Braises, cuts, wounds, etc., when neg-
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brown complezioD. This woman whb a waBherwoman at Oreuille, and whom I
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ing and the back part of the roof of the mouth looks creamy
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back to the fold and refill the churches. Like all other
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Amount of drug power, one-tenth. Dilutions must be pre-