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Caloarea sulph. — In bubo to control suppuration (with

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eligible doctor of medicine in your County. It recom-

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Natxtun mm. — Palpitation with anaemic conditions, watery

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Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital ; Attend-

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in cheek, or reduced with the use of this, the chief remedy, in

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Calcarea sulph. — Headache with vertigo and nausea, and

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the State Society for the years 1909 and 1910, Chas. A.

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Kali phoi.-^reat pain at the time of menses in pale, lachry-

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others ; he is no priority hunter and is anxious to

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including the doctor's bill and the mal-practice, aggre-

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certain. On- the fourth day at 10 P. M., he developed

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aspect of lower radius. All movements of wrist, •

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tobacco, indoor life, selfishness, prodigality, mor-

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care absolutely nothing for expense. What they want

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Dr. SchQssler's preparations, I was very anxioos to test the effects o! Kali phot,,

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Femuu phos.— Vomiting of blood, bright red blood, yrith

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Society, and that it is on file in the libraries of

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who have developed special aptitude along those par-

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shadow of a shade of the contents of these enclopedic

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dular organs of the intestinal tract. Diarrhcea caused by ex--

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fluence of influenza, but all alike are emphatic in

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beginning. It was well ia two months. (J. C. Morgan, M.D.]

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quackery and the exploitation of the profession on the

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etc, with Kali mur., in fourteen dsys. The result quite surprised me." — Pop.

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Be had been cupped, which made it woiae. Uia joints were wrapped in waldwolle

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engrossed with the daily widening revelations and con-

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to have the tear sac removed. There was no specific

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sufficient to indicate that false deductions have been

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this salt lactic acid is decomposed into carbonic acid and water.

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Appued Surgical ANXfcmv: * Regibnally* presented for

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Kali BOlph, — Earache with secretion of thick, yellow, or

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Aggravation of symptoms in a warm room. Amelioration in

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The President, Dr. Keator, then stated that it seemed

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FRANK H. KOYLE— Certain Disease of the Eye which the General Practioner Should Know 509

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the practice of different schools governs to such a de-

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An Act to amend section 4 of the Consolidated Insan-

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then the coating of the tongue will, in most cases, guide in the

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pathological relation of the female pelvic organs of

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»idph.). Headache with vomiting of undigested food. Con-

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or open atmosphere. Rheumatic pains in the joints or any

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It is interesting to note that the author remarks that

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An Act to amend section 667 of the Greater New York

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Vomited moderately, at first bile, but in the later

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at the end of one week by her family physician. Fistu-

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over distention from paralysis until later. Neither

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Sensation ae if tongue would cleave to roof of moutb : KaU plu>t.

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stimulant to thought, it adds much to our present knowl-

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ment of the sick is eagerly sought after by a large

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moaning in sleep. Shyness,exces3iveblushingfrom emotional

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removed for cause, by a majority vote of the members

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sufficiency of the internal recti muscles, so far aa can be deter-

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restraint. Mental troubles arising from falls and injuries to

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sume work again on the Qth of October. (From Schiisaler.)

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fuse. Leucorrhoeal dischai^e instead of menses. Icy cold-

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frequently be applied, and this remedy given very frequently.

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week with a disagreement of the jury. I feel that we

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tee shall make a full report of its transactions and ex-

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. voirs connected with the improved canal system. By

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was unable to sleep. Her eyes had an unconsdous stare, and frequently it

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by emphasizing the basic value of a working knowledge

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