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Feb. I, '08. May 29, '08. Nov. 15, '08. Dec. 20, '08.

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terpretation of their records, with illustrative cases, are

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appearance or bubbles of frothy saliva extend along Its sides, or is

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puD nor local tendemees, in fact no tangible BjmploniB, the condition of aoomia

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the explanatory reading matter, are especially clear

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CHARLES C. ZACHARIE— Microcephalus with Enccphalocele 408

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Amount of drug power, one-tenth. Dilutions must be pre-

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Natruni mui. — Coating slimy, clear and watery, especially

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there is often colic and diarrhoea, and in children

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additional materials through Google Book Search. Please do not remove it.

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was sent and the doctor applied for a mal-practice de-

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"short the disease, and the remedies that I have found to do this most certainly

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Hallopeau, of Paris, writes about the use of atoxyl

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exoept on the face, nhich allayed the itching and rednau. He has taken in th«

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ment, Bometimce several times a day, at irregular intervals. This finally was

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property fronting upon a street or sewer in the City

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tary-Treasurer, G. M. Abbott, of Saranac Lake; Dele-

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The result of the examination of the fluid obtained

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practically no hemorrhauje, and what bleeding took place

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