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ning. Moj/ntt phot,", a dose every three honrs, relieved in two days.

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where there is no localized disease, there is wrong

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"fossa, so tender to the touch that he coold not bear even tba weight of the bed

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operative ventral hernia. The illustrations, which are

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to her the secrets of the sexual life by means of the

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joints with cold or numh feeling, creeping feeling in parts

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tion — if, I say — it is due in part to the fact that

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the American Medical Association, Dr. Park Lewis of

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special interest and its consideration of practical

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Benze. in text under figures opposite page 280, should

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charge that the operation was performed without the

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Febrile Symptoms. — Intermittent fever with cramps in the

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s3 SMs. — Chafing of the skin in children with bilious symptoms.

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condition and as the partial withdrawal of the fluid

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application in such diseases as the stings of insects, also as a

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of the diastolic murmur at the ring and its feeble-

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the eye and pathology receives a generous and proper

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" and if a strict observance is had in their aelection, the physician will cure all

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* Read before the Syracuse Academy of Medidne, May 18,

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Calcarea phos. — Chafed skin, excoriation, itching of the

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A lady called to see me just after a severe hemorrhage from the womb, in fact

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tiveness, effects of violent emotions, grief or care, weakness of

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were ooalioDed in leee frequent dosea. Six dayti After 017 Brat visit the patient waa

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ol rest, exercise, menstruation, digestion, etc. which

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intervals. In three days, one ; seven days, three ;

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better under cheerful excitement. Neuralgic headache with

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rule in that he administered improper diet and pre-

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It is worth while to possess and read a work of this

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presents the more recent ideas and investigations on

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to sexual excess, etc., but it is quite likely that


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Ballston Spa; Treasurer, T. E. Bullard, Schuylerville.

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ing resolution at a meeting held in December, 1908:

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shooting or stinging pains, shifting pain, intermittent or par-

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Medical men have been sadly derelict in bringing to

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they should not receive the Directory, malpractice de-

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to collect his bill and mal-practice was set up as an an-

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the offices and the coffers of the quadcs. — A, JacobL

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to tiie public weal than the protection of property

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in the tonsillar region all the conditions necessary

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King's College Hospital. Physician to Out-Patients,

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cation at a reasonable price, is to attract to this

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for the treatment of intermediate and advanced pul-

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late there has been little or no blood in menstrual

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pleasant entertainment of the society. An invitation

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"oblique fractures . . . has been found to be spiral

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while working in St. Catherines, and killed— his ill

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ing position ms imponible. Salrum mw.' every two hours. In 24 hours the

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a musical entertainment, and was compelled to go to bed on account of the pu.n.

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rinthinitis, the chief of which are nausea, vertigo

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Eali phOB. — In large and oft repeated doses is the chief rem-

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day I found her with very high fever, pulse 120 ; severe pains in back and limba ;

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nosis, Special Diagnosis and Analytical Diagnosis. The

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growths quite painlessly with cocaine, which I prepared

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coming year at the same salary as last year. Unani-

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phic conditions in old people, tissues dry up, become scaly,

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Neuralgic pains in the nervous substance threatening paraly-

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experience with this remedy. I am particularly anxious

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insist that he must have studied law; the clergy aver

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tee shall make a full report of its transactions and ex-

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ralysis of the limbs. Offensive foot sweat. All symptoms

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Meatus closed bf polypoid excrescence : Kali milph.

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being better. Became worse and sent for me. Diphtheritic membrane covered

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curate test for suspected cases, whose index falls within

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carcerated iris, anterior S)mechia, anterior capsu-

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Sleep. — During sleep, jerking of limbs with night sweats.

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hour with Magaaia phos., 6x, a dose every ten minutes. (E. T. H.)

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Borfoce. Deep excavations, wider at bottom, painful mictorition. Kaii tnur.*

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ITatnim sulph. — Griddiness, with bilious coating on the

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more universal adoption. Among these beinpr Psycho-

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MoHR. Chicago, W. T. Keener & Co., 1907. xx, 527-

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Acknowledgment of all books received will be made in this

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spells worse towards morning. Worse in cold, damp, rainy

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slept soundly and cried but little. The nourishment was