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about the room. She met me with a smile, exclaiming, "Ah I Doctor, my spasms
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Pemphigus. Fluid from blisters and blebs like water.
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pitals or camps for the treatment of pulmonary tuber-
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This statement gives us an insight into the busy life
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but at the same time one to which it is very difficult to
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The following officers were elected for 1910: Presi-
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For two days cheeks were swollen, fiery red and burnt like fire, no itching, eruption
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virtues of chimaphila in the treatment of diabetes. In
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nosis, operation, and histological examination of the
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ner and others. Now with a new name "Psychotherapy"
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symptoms, compare Cak. curb. In gastric catarrhal affections
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Administration. — Sehiissler recommends the 6x and 12x po-
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HARRY W. CAREY— Report of a Case of Amoebic Dysentery 511
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a constant reserve army of occasional regenerators."
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if caused from taking too hot drinks, give this remedy at once.
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found once on the right side ; and once on the left
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eties of New York and Westchester favoring the con-
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has now become very emaciated. Last week he was frequently feverish. This haa,
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He was lying in bed. SubculwieouB injections of morphia, friction with chloro-
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sium having its special sphere in the solida, and the resulting
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Ernest, Gasport; Secretary, John H. Miller, Niagara
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Discussion to be opened by J. B. Harvie, M.D., Troy.
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as shown by loss of sensation in the lower eye-fid,
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"A telephoned prescription, that is, a prescription
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• Read before the Third District Branch of the Medical Soci-
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Kali Bulph. — Chronic catarrh of the stomach, where there
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Discussion to be opened by W. E. Ford, M.D., Utica.
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by manufacturers and shippers of butter, cheese and
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Eyeball, pains in, aggravated by moving lids: Ferr. phot.
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with strong odor. Too late and too scanty, with a feeling of
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of the various subjects calls for favorable comment
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The following officers were elected for the year 1910:
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right eye anaesthetic but clear. After ten days the
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blood-making organs and of the blood, blood vessels,
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Calcarea flnor. — Mastoid disease when the periosteum is
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lessness and voracious hunger, it establishes normal function of
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operation has long been regarded as dernier ressort.
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with their accompanying ajmptoma, did not return, even ihou^ aoon after this,
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smoky appearance of the anterior chamber (i. e., between the oomea and iris),
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until lately to repeat the remedy every time it was given up, as the incontinency
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soreness of skin. Crusta lactea. Hives, itching all over body,
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M-D.) Ailments accompanied by profuse desquamation of
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There was every indication that the patient had had
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fingers and wrist so rigid that her hand could not be
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muscles. Atrophic paralysis, in which the vital powers are
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decline, and the causes which are leading to this result
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need not cause any surprise, since certain female attrac-
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disease. Itching of, and much sweat on the scrotum. Pros-
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Feet icy cold during the day, burn at night. Flashes of heat
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exudation will derive supplies and continue to go on. For the
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tion were injected as usual as a hemostatic. The sac
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District Branch and the Medical Society of the State
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An Act to amend sections 304 and 305 of the Consoli-
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region of the kidneys, at this time, is significant
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region, forcing patient to bend double. Muscular contractions.
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and the mal-practice action followed. The answer has
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along anotlier nerve to the muscles. Sensory impressions have
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Fear, fretfulness in children, crying and screaming. Low
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An Act to amend section 38 of the Cxmsolidated Agri-
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in the Senate Committee on Judiciary. Report accepted.
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25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 29a, 29b, 29c 29d, 29e, 29f, 29g,
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difference being as follows : Silicea promotes suppuration and
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389.) Also, the absence of exudation, the radiating pains and
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raw and sore. Sexual organs inflamed, sore, swollen Euid cov-
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vomiting of white phlegm, arising from sluggish liver, tongue
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using the chronometer of Arsonoval, concludes that the
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this special direction that he asks your indulgence
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remained restricted to the intestines, that in over
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tioa, a loose evacua'lioa immediate! j,od [isiog for past two da7a ; lfatru,m uMlph.""
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state organization additional to its representation
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thoroughly informed in matters relating to the con-
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In this way he wonld contract a cold, and one cold after another, until he fonnd
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rheumatism, the parts feel stiff on first attempting to rise up,