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Vaschilde proceeds to discuss and dissect these meth-

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lore promptly and efiectnallj than Kaii phoi. For spai^modiq cnunpj pains,

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patients, mucus having a salty taste. Coryza with clear,

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and throbbing in ulcerated sore throat, sore and inflamed pal-

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An Act to amend sections 84, 86, 87 and 88 of the Con-

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M-D.) Ailments accompanied by profuse desquamation of

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and had caused the patient severe pain day and night, This case was also cured

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falls out. Itching, sore, painful pustules on the sealp and neck.

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restricted. After another fortnight, all the concomitant symptoms, which had

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Kali mur. — Hoarseness, loss of voice from cold. In obsti-

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discharge from eyes : Kali mur.. Cole, tuiph., Kali eutph.

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infection, the severity of which determines the clinical

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fingers and wrist so rigid that her hand could not be

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decline, and the causes which are leading to this result

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disease. Itching of, and much sweat on the scrotum. Pros-

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DAVID R. BOWEN— Roentgenology for the General Practitioner 473

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energy. Madness, loss of correct reasoning faculty requires

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lic Health Law, relative to the time within which an

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expectoration, little or no sleep, after being treated for about ten days with the

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ing talk on tuberculosis and presented the good points

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region of the kidneys, at this time, is significant

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and the mal-practice action followed. The answer has

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Then the steps of the operation are given; and this is

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(Consolidated Public Health Law, relative to the prac-

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An Act to amend section 38 of the Cxmsolidated Agri-

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secretions, diarrhcea, etc., compare Nalr. mur.; in epilepsy com-

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tempt was made by a selection of diflFerent tasting liq-

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in the Senate Committee on Judiciary. Report accepted.

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difference being as follows : Silicea promotes suppuration and

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secretions, diarrhcea, etc., compare Nalr. mur.; in epilepsy com-

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Clinics of Europe and secure their admission to many

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watery conditions of the tongue. Catarrh of tympanic cavity

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An Act to amend sections 100, 103, 106, 107, 122, 140,

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York permanently he shall cease to be a member of the

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Tonsils inflamed, with deafbeea, much swelling: Kali mur.

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form a belief in something beyond. And as the miracle

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Dr. Jacob Otto spoke on "Tendencies in Infant Feed-

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Eali mnr. — With gastric derangements. Tongue coated

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state organization additional to its representation

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advisable by her brother, to make arrangements with the doctor of the lunatic

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ration, worse in the warm season or in a hot atmosphere. Bron-

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Total number of votes cast for Second Vice-President,

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Crampy pain in hands while writing. Sore feeling in joints.

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and the common house-fly. The dysentery bacillus is

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Section 2 then becomes Section 3, and Section 3 then

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powder. The gentleman came tii or ae-rea days later to my consulting rooms to

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Moll, discussing the case of a man who, for /material

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wished to run around, but was too weak and fell over, very talkative and hila-

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Case in which Kali sidph. wu given for whooping cough, which immediately

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stupidity — or the use of caustics — it is fool-

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s single drop of pus appearing beneath the cuticle and escaped when snipped with

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Nurses. Diet a Specialty. Quiet Neighbortiood, close

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that the public should look to better medical education

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This little book which sets forth the whole duty of

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labor pains. Tedious labor from constitutional weakness, this

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inability to maintain itself in a world where such a

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regarding the place of meeting, writes as follows :

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after avery severe attack and found him moch prostrated and blanched from loss

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directing the Committee 'on Legislation to confer with

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here, had no other effect except that thcpain on the next morning had changed its seat,

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squinting, ptosis or drooping of the eyelids (also Kali phos.).

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Natnuu mnr. — Cures rapidly. Moisten the painful spot

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vary much improved, and speedily yielded to the continued use of the remedy.

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cultural Law, relative to packages and barrels to be

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with flow of tears and reddened conjunctiva. Ciliary neuralgia

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action of this remedy in neuralgia of the fifth nerve and its branches. I have

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its effects to a loss of substance or to a displace-

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ness is partly obscured, there is a feeling of fear ;

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dize the patient, operative treatment is advisable^

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The illustrations are good. The text is excellent The

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ton, of a proposition to raise $1,500 annually by gen-

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