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Silioda. — Swellings, lumps, tumors, etc., which are indurated

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cations, especially Cheyne and Burghard's Manual of

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injection which are two inches (i.^., a needle-length)

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a former review of this work the writer criticised this

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tions of both Flournoy and Mendoza are here given in

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tence, by slightly raiung the voice when accosting htm at several feet away.

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in lavas, etc. Crystalizes in short, permanent, colorless four

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cheese factories and to licenses to be issued by the

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This excellent little work has reached its second edi-

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and upon presentation of proper vouchers for the same.

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saw it it had gra5rish undermined edges and was evi-

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the insane, the theories of the early fathers of medi-

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sel was all ready to go to try this case but was in-

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Front view. A is in the lumen. The flat surface of the common point is shown reaching its apex at B.

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issuing certificates relative to tuberculin-tested cattle,

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tory), which then externalizes its activity. Thus me-

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The case preeenled a hbtory of profuse menstruation, the flow was depleting, aty

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Natmm mnr. — Easily fatigued, weakness from slightest

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estimated. A dose every two hours will usually cure the felon

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improvemoit. But in the same degree as the pains were leaving and the Bwellii^

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reference to Tuberculosis, Cancer and Disease of the

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the lower extremities, with general prostration, heaviness and

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active, little or no efforts were put forth to stim-

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view, in order to obtain the necessary leisure for lit-

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tion, will also present the stiffening of NothnageL

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December of each year, the time and place to be selected

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ity Law, relative to the medical inspector. By. Mr.

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taken by mj orders Nui vom, and Fuitat. He had used the watere of Marienbad

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Fleet, Chairman of the State Legislature Committee,

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*Itea(i before the Fifth District Branch of the Medical

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purating gland will not heal. Periodical quinsy. Paralysis of

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* When this paper was read the above remark provoked con-

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the retina. It appeared dim and misty, the veins were clearly seen forming a

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cers and chairmen of committees secure the permission

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tion to the accurate diagnosis of these conditions,

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7. American Journal of the Medical Sciences, October, 1903, p. 671.

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meningococci have been killed or rendered in- ^t should be used, particularly larger doses and

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case of Capron against Douglass, for malpractice, as no-

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want of a public opinion sufficiently strong to in-

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amination, prepared by Dr. Thomas C. Craig, Surgeon

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the sanction of the Council, an auditor had been em-

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cha&d : Cfda, phot,, Natr. phot., Natr, mlph.. Kali tulph., KaH

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severe pain ia the lumbal region and bcrisb sacrum, numb feeling iu lower limbs

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Fermm phos. — Toothache with hot cheek, inflamed gum,

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