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Railway Surgeons will hold its nineteenth annual meet-
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and one whose first thought was the good of the suf-
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they be referred to the House of Delegates. Carried.
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cesses, massive and repeated doses in scrofulous, glandular
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ness of the liver and gray or white coated tongue. Gastritis,
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tinues and the success of the operation is nullified.
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within the female abdomen unless he is well grounded
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House of Delegates of the Medical Society of the State
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feature, the sudden death, is caused by the occlusion of
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for the belter in a week, and it being continued cured the ca«e in two months.
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instituted, the mother noticed a slight enlargement of
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heated room with a yellow, slimy coating on the tongue.
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syphilis by the injection of soluble salts of mercury.
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* Read before the Medical Society of the State of New York
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not considered very dignified, much less essential. We
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sections, 76a and 76b, relative to the discharge of
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special consideration follows of the various forms of
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* Read before the Medical Society of the State of New York,
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gout, ccdema, dropsy, yellow-coated tongue with bitter taste, Natrttm euiph,, 3x,
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the Medical Society of the State of New York, Auburn, N. Y.,
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adding a new section, 20, relative to the detention and
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sity of Manchester. With illustrations. Second edi-
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trated, with the characteristic tongue, etc. ; malarious cachexia,
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toms. But the most striking resemblance is with Coloc. in
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Eulenburg quotes the amusing comment of the intelli-
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Society, at the Quarterly Meeting, held at Piermount, June 34,
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by a loud bombing noise and afterward be unable to sleep " for the racket in his
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lieving pains in limbs and great toe. Palpitation, feels puls^
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condolence on the deaths of Drs. John T. Wheeler, of
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the State of New York, to attend. Dr. A. M. Campbell
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M.D., Chatham, First Vice-President Medical Society
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the statements appearing in the editorial of Dr. Robin-
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acidity; stools sour smelling, green, with yellow, creamy
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flaps is preferable to the kink or scissors, as the cut
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able suggestion. It displays a wonderful appreciation
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retain them as a Stat^ Reservation for the free use and
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Qi itself would operate materially as a preventive of
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ozonation at high altitudes increases the red cells.
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ical man was conaalled, as the direaw increased in spite of the difierent medicines
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tions are usually infectious or virulent from their
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cite senBation, but also contractions or motion by direct con-
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clinical experience, and the numerous case reports given
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in a certain locality, that the inhabitants invaria-
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The time and place of holding the next annual meet-
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preparation of the lying-in chamber, of a considerable
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and sflected eucb an improvement in one week thatlecarcely knew her again the
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Calcarea fluor, — Dropsy and induration of the testicles
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quite insensible to the light. Ignat., which I ordered, bad do effect; Oupr. met.
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cussed by W. S. Cheesman, who stated that there were
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or outside the limits of said city, for the exclusive
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Beer, has the honor of being the first man to practice
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factors and of the attack itself is presented and a dif-
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Dp b; four doctors as bejond medical treatment. The Professor's diagnosis ran
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for the belter in a week, and it being continued cured the ca«e in two months.
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have to remain in bed, being so weak that she could not get about. She com-
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" in the stomach. If the tongue has a golden-yellow coating, creamy, moist, give
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Femun phos, — Throat dry, red, inflamed, with very much
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sections, 76a and 76b, relative to the discharge of
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Pains with sensation of crawling coldnsss and numbness.
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muscle, produced by ischsemra, may be compared to the
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Gage-Day, Kingston; Treasurer, Aden C. Gates, King-
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diarrhcea of scrofulous and rachitic children." (Bell & Laird.)
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I do not know but he is to-day ; no man could be more surprised than myself at
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ply of water for such village and to raise the neces-
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ing, irritating discharges, causing itching and falling off of the
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The part of this book of most interest to the physi-
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SMITH BAKER— The Nervous Symptoms of Chronic Diflfuse Interstitial Nephritis 299
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inates about the level of the third sacral vertebra.
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and children of Major James Carroll, an army surgeon,
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thy of note that while he remained consulting surgeon
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fortable and with no running of tears, except when the
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scientific discoveries, but few of greater practical
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phoa^ 6z, in tbint, appetite and general strengtb, also in quantity of arine. How-
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alternately with the Magnetia pho4. — the former once daily, the latter twice. In
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One is not told that this or that form of treatment may
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found, reaching from the glabella to the inion, while
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cases of nephritis originating during intra-uterine
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tion in a careless, widespread fashion — is a neces-
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term he was unable to attend recitations. **At this
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bowels redacted and shrunken, shriveled, and a pain in the stomach of a burning
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Katnun mnr — Dull, heavy headache with profusion of
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It is a pleasure to review this well-balanced work,
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by absorption of the bone about it ; so that for the
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Case i.— J. R., 53, U. S. A., entered B. G. H., in Dr.
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functional standpoint ; each living cell is also an
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All books for review should be sent to the business office of
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