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go with a malicious tale to the other end of it, and

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tion were injected as usual as a hemostatic. The sac

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An Act to amend chapter 724, Laws of 1905, relative to

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Natruin sulph. — Flatulent colic starting in right groin.

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Tliroat. — Diphtheria if the face be puffy and pale with drowsi-

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Femuu phoB. — Inflammatory stage of gonorrhea. (N. B.

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"Dear Sir : At the second annual meeting of the First

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applied by means of an Inverted hot plate, lined with flanoel. In England the

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acterized by excessive and atjrpical growth, together in

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Scientific Program. Moved, seconded and carried that

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has presented an up-to-date manual of treatment. It is

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them to make all possible andeavors to increase their

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to me and t^ild me her danghter had beea aufiering for the last few monthe Itom

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toms are felt. The tongue is sometimes found to be coated

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by Prof. Mendel, of Berlin. In the past twenty years

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of Silicea in all cases of commencing whitlow cannot be over-

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2. Interstate Medical Journal, 1906, vol. xiii, p. 237

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ahoalder, being of a tearing natore. She had walked the previous evening through

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very constipated, no uterine iroable. SHieea'"' great); leaaened the frequeocj of

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ment, toasilB, nTuia and entire Boft palate were covered vritli a thick, diphthe-

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Natrum mm. — Excessive sleep traced to an excess of

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Thesa parts were, at Tarioos points, divested of their skin by ulcerated suriaces,

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phlyctenules in great numbers with irides inactive and

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mal salt solution until the fluid comes away clear.

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on the Bth of February, "a lady suffering from mental derangement. Religious

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tling, etc., and which on occasional tests is found

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oral cavity is normal, except that at the angles of the

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• Read before the Medical Society of the State of New York

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a rap at Camille Flammarion, "the sentimentalist who

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or changes in Constitution and By-Laws be submitted

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payment of dues'* in place of the words "removes from

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and London, D. Appleton & Co., 1908. 662 pp., 8vo.

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the courts of this State, and who when so called shall

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Calcarea phos. — Spasmodic affections of the eyelids, if

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gimshot injuries of the abdomen. In his service at St

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S. The mal-practice phase of this action was raised

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a ^>ecialist nor his reputation as an author of gyneco-

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fits. (Prof. T. J. Kent, Mtdieai Adixaiee, Sept, 1886.)

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ish discharge, which keeps up of thick consistenfiy. Very

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Manhattan State Hospital for the Insane, Central Islip,

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Modalities. — Symptoms are always worse at night and during

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the difficulty of treating nervous and mental cases

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certainty, operation seems desirable in the follow-

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recommended, as in most cases, at least, -it is prac-

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sides under treatment, I institute gentle inflation

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The instruments used are a modification of the Dudgeon

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An Act to provide for the expense of installing certain

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phot. — ZVonaoetunu Amtriean IitdituU, 1S8S, p. 181.

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quent induration. Malignant and gangrenous inflammations.

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purpose of conducting experiments and investigations

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motory nervous tissues. Convulsions with stiffness of the

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FoTum phoi.* three times a day, a darn before meals, cored the case. Hany symp-

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1907, to one year in the penitentiary, has applied to be

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Dr. Stockton stated that his attention had been called

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Kali mnr. — The second remedy, when effusion takes place.

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FhyBlologico-chemical Data.— This remedy, according to

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fluid. The turbinate bones of the left side give light shadows, and the small,

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erations, means of investigation or newer methods of

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Greasy scabs with offensive smell. Irritating secretions on

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skin, oversensitiveneas, imperfectly nourished due to mal-

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Natnun phos, — Ulceration of the stomach or bowels.

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that the operation for cleft palate may be performed as

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Kali aulph, — Rheumatic fever when the articular pains are

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language that is essentially the same that it was two

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nearly all gone, swelling and redness were better. Continued prascription every

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by mystics and by musicians reciting the music they

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with jaundice, due to deficiency of bile. Flatulent colic. Itch-

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diagnosis, prepared for the use of students and prac-

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Calcarea phos. — When during puberty the patient has not

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laity and profession alike, both of whom are apt to see

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flow of saliva or tears. Shootings along the nerve fibre with

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Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine of the Medico*

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increased and the activity of the infant progressively

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An Act to amend section 22 of the Consolidated Pub-

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checked, white tengue, ete. Too early menses, excessive dis-

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menses. Menses are profuse, acrid and corrosive, with colic

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in first onset of the fever, even if not present later after the

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the program, which is very attractive and interesting.

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Dr. F., of AlsO, Hungary, reports: I was requested togointo the country to seea

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appeared which was treated with bichlorid dressings.

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An Act to regulate the introduction of medical expert

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B07 with hiBtoiy of catarrhal disease of the ear of seven jtan/ (tandiiig, gaSeis

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M. Solis-Cohen has found tubercule bacilli in the feces

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But it cannot fail to live in cherished memories of a

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less ; and it is far simpler and quicker to transfer

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remedy should be alternated with Ferrum pkos. In chronic

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An Act to amend sections 37 and 49 of the (Consoli-

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House of Delegates of the Medical Society of the State

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and Surgical Cases, and Gastro Enteric Diseases were

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