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years ago Charaqua told you : it is not permissible
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stomach, constipation with contraction of the anus, terrible
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parently involves treatment of a swollen leg of the
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Eali phos. — In the well marked, malignant, gangrenous
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famous school at Padua. The two Linacre lectureships
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Salt milph. was used. After only a few days the inflammation disappeared. The
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he believed that he was to be punished for a crime,
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colicky pains, also during micturition and following obstinate
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infant's guardian ad litem. This case was settled by the
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her no good. I tried various remedies, and at last cured her. A few months ago she
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child is of great value, as latent or healed tuber-
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of tuberculous patients who were not expectorating. So-
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children, cerebral palsies and nervous disorders gener-
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Brickner. Five Hundred Surgical Suggestions (B) 226
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ment, sudi as eggs and milk — a necessary food in
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extent or gravity of a lesion. Moreover, 10 per cent of
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diate progenitors of a patient — ^atavistic tenden-
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vexation. Green evacuations, sallow skin, yellow eyeballs.
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but complete work on the subject for general use, and
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rants, by the vertical line of the intergluteal cleft
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adjust the tvmpanic membrane in receiving an intense
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or less depressed. In all fractures '^f the'cfainium
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Natnim sulph. — Chafing of the skin in children with bili-
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work. He was very often called to testify as an expert
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An Act relative to education, constituting chapter 16,
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Committee on Legislation, W. A. Howe, Phelps; Chair-
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which mo aI>oat a half a pint of blood and piu. After cleanaiDg the tamor with
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ing passed " through the hands of aU the physicians of whom he had ever heard,"
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is apt to mislead the physician, but it affords the
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it was decided to hold the next regular meeting in that
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column and this will be deemed by us a full equivalent to
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and unjust class legislation. They also called attention
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" On that occasion it was in the case of an old man, Kt. 80. He suflered from
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pal remedy being morphia, without relief. On being called to the case, I found
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pelvis, followed by weakness, nausea and pain in stomach.
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on lefi side of stomach, weary pain in left side, weakness of
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postulates that consumption, from its first beginnings
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for sour things, aversion to meat, bread and cooked food. 12
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which goes back to the earth, the soul, which ascends
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An Act to authorize thecit^' of Buffalo to construct,
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with characteristic evening aggravation, etc. Metrorrhagia.
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anxiety, melancholia, sleeplessness and restlessness. Fainting
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from pressure. I gave my putient Feman pSoM. as much as would cover a six-
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abroad under his direction, for by his personal acquaint-
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Calcarea phoa. — Menses too early in young girls, too late
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If it is the greatest reward of a surgeon to advance
a medical as well as a surgical side to gynecology. The
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The following officers were elected : President, R. E.
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11.30 — Meeting of delegates, election of officers, etc
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terest to students and practitioners. By leading mena^
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Tongue. — Coating slimy, clear and watery, sero-mucous, and
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toothache, faceache, and ■galoB ia Ihe limbs, or Bpasmii, cramps of the
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the use of various medicinei. Either the oneorother of several joints were aSecled.
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ternal and internal stimuli, whether sensory or motor, or
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student of infant criminology and was r^arded as an
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the last time in public. The great advance in the study
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treatment of a comminuted fracture at the ankle. While
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pital for negligence is an unsettled point in England,
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truded and after this there seemed to be a tighten-
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vomiting of food, weakness and faint feeling, desire for sour
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of sand were under the eye-lids, vision dim, letters blur while
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passed in which he did not publish an important article
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The use of Natrum mur. must be discontinued with the disap-
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and only three received as high as 30 per cent. —
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Proliferous inflammation of middle ear : Kaii mur.. Magnet, phot.
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petuate these natural resources a bill had been intro-
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sour masses. Acid, exceedingly sour smelling perspirations.
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In the Prcsbjrterian Hospital he held his Clinics, as
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purposes, for lands of private owners necessary for
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The following cases are of interest showing the action of fVmii phoi. in diph-
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declares itself as heartily approving the work of the
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leukemia on a white cell count of 20,000 alone, even
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yngitis, closed Eustachian tubes, retracted membrana tympani,
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Kali nt^iiL, Kati tnur. and Nalntm mur. did no good. Magnaia pkot.* cured the
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tween mother and child, lovers and friends; while es-
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to this State entering the Albany Medical College and
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about it, medical students would also be better drilled
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Emaciation of neck in children: Natr. mur.. Oak. phot.
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(Consolidated Public Health Law, relative to the prac-
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Health or its Committee of the County Society to which
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the irritation has become relieved lately by heaL He has also used Acetic acid,
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images. Give alternately with JVo/rttm mur., as this remedy
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slackened. I thought of curing this affection also with Mercar., with which I had
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The Secretary reported that there were 83 physicians
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distinct addition to the literature of this important sub-
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at 8.30 P. M. Dr. Arthur G. Root, President, in the
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S' Dr. Stockton, President of the Medical Society of
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lent, meatus red, swollen and iaflatned. Fermm phot., 2x, in water every hoar. In