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not able to lie in bis bed, as the pressure of the pillows was unbearable. ' He was
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uterus ; 5th, irreg^arity of outline ; 6th, abdomi-
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Fenram phos. — Tonsils red and inflamed, painful on
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perfectly reduced, or, that repair will always fol-
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Ellerman & Erlandsen — ^"Klinische Bedeutung des
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with the bed of fat in which it lies, is thoroughly
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author has compiled the most important and interest-
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Beitraeg. s, Klin. d. Tuberkulose, v. Brauer, Bd. X, H. 3,
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by the Council, and under its immediate control is be-
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of Silicea in all cases of commencing whitlow cannot be over-
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toms pointed to Nolnaa phoi., bat the totality of the symptoms favored Forum
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haziness of the cornea, and traversed with red Tewels ; lonuUr rednen. CUamo
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into the base as far as could be explored, the total
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certain persons offering money and equipment for the
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"fossa, so tender to the touch that he coold not bear even tba weight of the bed
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by his spirit constantly encouraged those about him.
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diagnostician's work is merely touched upon when he
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reanlt whatever. The bowela were ea constipated that he could onlj bare a
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County in which they reside and the Medical Society
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Mental Symptoms. — Hopeless feeling about the future. Dejec-
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*Taiiuftfy 13, 1909, 79 of these Directories have been distrib-
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irr^ular pulse, nervous excitement or great weakness and de-
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