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pitals or camps for the treatment of pulmonary tuber-
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Committee on Legislation, W. A. Howe, Phelps; Chair-
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cent., large mononuclear and transitional forms, 6th of January the pain in the neck and shoulders
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mentary Tract. Philadelphia and New York. Lea &
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troduction of Kaiiphoi. and Magnetium phoi. In ordioarj stomatitis, with swell-
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Nellis, C. E. Townsend, G. D. Grepor and E. E. Snow.
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allopaths had treated her in vain, dtagooaiDg the aSecllDQ aa cancer of the
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gulph., and its mental and nervous symptoms to Kali phoa.,
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proud flesh ; putrid aud acrid ichor, with elevated and bluish
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Feeling of lump in throat on swallowing: Natr. aulph.
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choly, ill_humored from nervous exhaustion. Mental illusions,
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annually in the United States, organization to combat
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Fig. 7. — Frontal sinusitis. The cut is a reproduction of the X-ray plate or
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when the defendant had diagnosed it as a sprain. Your
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cutting, burning in womb. Great melancholy. Also, too
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Mental Symptomg. — Suicidal tendency, mnst exerdse reetraint,
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tion for advancing and conserving the corporate inter-
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npon Ferrum phoa. and Kaii mur. in alternation. In twenty-four hours a marked
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ness or bluish, florid appearance of face, sour risings, etc.
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* Resd at the Joint Meeting of the Medical Society of the
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The illustrations are particularly eood and were all
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tioa, a loose evacua'lioa immediate! j,od [isiog for past two da7a ; lfatru,m uMlph.""
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the test of time, and his sound judgment and mechani-
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red and hot and painful, inflamed. Ostitis, periostitis.
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honey -colored, golden-yellow scabs. Crusta lactea.
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were without effect, bo that I could not but wonder at the patience and pereever>
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midway between the knuckle and next joint. There was a slight whitish
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to scientific work ; as well as the large and grow-
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petuate these natural resources a bill had been intro-
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in the lesion the following are valid rules for the
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All books for review should be sent to the business office of
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part of the doctor is the first essential in dealing
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title, it would seem the physician has' lost instead
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or greenish-brown coated tongue, or sallow skin ; yellow eye-
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action of a supra-sensible mind on another. Podmore,
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lic Health Law, relative to the practice of veterinary
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apparently dying condition, and so told the family.
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The steps of the various obstetric operations — ^Ver-
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patients, poor and rich, and to be cherished in the
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and were referred to the pathogenesis of Magnea. carb. and Phos-
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ter, relative to Harlem river improvements and cre-
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BofineM miia Editoriml Offices: 17 West 43d Street, New York
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defines the nature and extent of the organic lesion and
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diffused heat, this remedy may he alternated with the pre-
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rise to discomfort, if not actual pain ; these objec-
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The following are also indications for its use : " 1. A marked
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President's Address— "Some Points in Clinical Diag-
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worse in damp weather. Irritable mucous membrane of ears
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left the blood vessels with sufficient skin to cover
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yellow, loose, rattling phlegm is coughed up, or watery matter.
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Chas. G. Child, Jr., 183; Richard G. Wiener, 166; Wil-
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he had been laid up three months with a fractured arm, and was in a very
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and believe that it is a sclerosis analagous to the
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systemized, simple life — free from irregularities,
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circulation is the crucial point, but if we bear in
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remedies in cases of chronic diarrhcna, where the loose morning
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gradnal moistening and absorption of the spot Ciliary
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Blowly, but Btmdily. The patient had during the whole time of ila exielence con-
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select data of special interest. We shall attempt it with
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becomes fetid. Pemphigus malignus, blisters and blebs over
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opathy, April, ISSe, a case of Tertigo of sevei&l week^ standing, accompanied by
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fession regularly informed as to what is going on in
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months, for different musical -instruments, for per-
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solved in half a winegla*sful of water, ateaspoonful to be taken every three hours.
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fied that the needle is properly placed, attach the
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currence does take place, it is apt to be retroperi-
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attention to this possibility and reports two cases.
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tion. It forms large, colorless, transparent, oblique, rhombic
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a cold object against the spot seems to relieve the paio. If
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under the anesthetic that she was a victim of the mor-
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in old people, associated with mental depression, vertigo and
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Femuu phOB. — Insomnia from hypersemic conditions.
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Kali snlph, — In rheumatic arthritis where the pains shift
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and that by such treatment the disease is absolutely
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in describing the method of infection he says, *The most
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abuse of nitrate of silver; from quinine. Stings of insects.
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cination, with much sour perspiration about head with hard,
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lessness of saline infusion, the balance is in favor
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literature on this subject, and the manner in which he