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success. Properly and judiciously advertised, it will rejad,

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After three or four weeks he improved somewhat, but, in performing some

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almost epigrammatic style of expression. The aim of

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To the Officers of the Medical Society of The State of

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1908. Col. front, xiv, 332 pp., 4 col., pL, 8vo. Price :

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gratification of a curiosity of the baldest sort on the part

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ing the Committee on Publication in regard to data for

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disease usually yielded as promptly as in the ^^J^^^es. With improvement in the qualitv of

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by imitation and auto-suggestion may give rise to ap-

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tions of both Flournoy and Mendoza are here given in

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allopaths had treated her in vain, dtagooaiDg the aSecllDQ aa cancer of the

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mandments. It is a pleasure, then, to think, that to

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calibre of the intestines, especially the descending

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of a lad to whom he had given, without effect, Farvm phot, for enureeia. A

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An Act relative to prisons, constituting chapter 43,

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tion of pressure in and through the head ; mind depressed and

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distension of the stomach, with l/jnging for salt food. Longing

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School of Sanitary Science and Public Health at Cor-

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appearance or bubbles of frothy saliva extend along Its sides, or is

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in 1877, and from the College of Physicians and Sur-

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remedy in alternation with Calcarea fluor., i\iG chief remedy

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of the book bristle with tables of figures and chemical

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cough, rheumatic pains all relieved by warmth. Worse in

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disease multipljring in variety and increasing in num-

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ing all this time the obsession persisted. In November,

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this from the erudite pen of Palmer Findlay deserves

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Complications, W. B. Melick; Drug Treatment, K. Cof-

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menorrhagia, blood either bright red or too dark, palpitation

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so credited shall be entitled to malpractice defense for

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debility, weakness, or old age, predisposition to bleeding of the

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in Buffalo for twenty years without lawful registra-

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thing they could not do at home ; — have a proper

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Eemun phos. — Inflammatory earache from cold with

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will come out victorious next time if it comes to trial

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public schools, the other being sometime general super-

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future reference, and as a record, for a limited period —

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for obtaining fresh air in the day time or at night

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Society for consideration, but after a discussion no ac-

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Typhoid Fever : Kali tulph., K<Ui phot.. Kali mw., Calc phot.

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however, that he is writing for a country where the

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Parenchjinatou* keratitis, inQftmmatioa of right cornea extending over the

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the General Secretary be requested to bring this reso-

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Hip joint disease to prevent or control suppuration. Suppu-

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every 6fteen minntes. This was about nine or ten o'clock A.V. I returned about

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Blood ruabes to the head : Ferr. phog., Natr. tulph.

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the psycho-pathology of attention up to the time of

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