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Wood and a few others have raised drug therapeutics

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odors, etc In explanation, M. Laures inclines to the

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bers, and insane asylums addlhg extensions, it is evi-

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that portion of my special field which he ought to re-

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for a copy of report on malpractice suits defended by

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low difficult, therefore, so often the office of the

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deafness, which haa much increased since be came to Southampton, two months

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Dr. Cornelius Oldenberg reports a case of apasmodic retention of the urine.

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diarrhcea, OHHtaat rolling of the head, eyes turned up, tongue brownish-jellow,

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skin of the external ear, and an interesting series show-

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Galcarea fluor. — Blood tumors on 'the heads of newborn

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water or stringy saliva, or with pain and salivation. Stomach-

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Knege. Vierteljahr f. gerichtl. Med., 1903, vol. 25,

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Ren.\l, Ureteral, Perirenal, and Adrenal Tumors and

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Delegates to select the place and time of the annual

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lature amending the present law which compels a meet-

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proves efficient here,. that it will not subsequently

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which she liad for two jeors, bad neftrl; dlaappeared, (W. P. WeBNlhieft, H.D.,

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disintegrated, and the new-formed globules perfected. All of

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istered by the mouth is unsatisfactory, that injec-

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gall bladder occurs ; this constitutes another rea-

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feet when damp from perspiration. Looseness of the teeth.

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at the conclusion of the trial, two years ago, we turned

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smsller and seoreting only a small amount of maco-pnrulent matter; he was fur-

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acute infectious type in the majority of instances,

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looking blackJah next to the tonsils ; fetid bt«ath. Ferrum phot." The next daf

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in all the papers of the city of Elmira, N. Y., and a

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use the different sorts of waters indiscriminately,

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stomach, especially if vomiting of food occurs. Dyspepsia

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Hudson, of Philadelphia, gives a detailed report of

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ject will be gladly received by the chairman of the com-

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the same time should be applied. Fevers from blood poisoning,

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IQ damp weather. Green diarrhoea in scarlatina. Wart-like

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which represented the views of only 20 per cent of a

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"typhlitis, andthe consequent suppuration. Dr. Bnrdick, of Oakland, and Dr.

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tee to reach every physician individually, or to directly

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lieved, continued Kaii pAoi." every two hours, a amall powder dry for a week and

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Delegates to State Society. I. D. LeRoy, L G. Harris;

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puBtoUr eruption near the cornenofthe mouth appeared, for which be preecribed

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serous exudation has taken place. (Edema of the lungs with

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one time it seemed gone altogether. The great thirst haa left him, and his appe-

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BnnneM aad Editorid OftioM: 17 Wcft 4dd Stre«t« N«w York

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Rfave to his membership qualities of a high order; while

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too full, frontal or occipital, with nausea or some slimy vomit-

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Silicea. — When suppuration appears, this remedy should

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white. She complained bitterlv of its weight. It was

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dropsy invading the areolar tissues of the body. Secretions

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This book exhibits all the defects commonly observed

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M.D., Professor of Obstetrics, University of Louis-

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formerly had pains in the articulations of the hand, in the arm and side, most

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was poor and the tongue covered with awhile coating. I gavea small quanlitf of

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frequently in consequenceofaome primary disturbance. Look

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spasmodic squinting, dulness of vision from weakness of optic

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analysis of Fuisat. shows that one of its constituents is Kali

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constriction of the throat on attempting to swallow liquids,

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vise all health matters — particularly those relat-

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and by the organizations not hereinbefore named which

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was unable to sleep. Her eyes had an unconsdous stare, and frequently it

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City Milk, with the Study of its Effect on a Series

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that normal standard into the deviations, abnormalities

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purity, free from outside contamination. It is a simple

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There was probably no one better fitted to write on

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September 9, found child with double inguinal hernia

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daily use, one will find how to measure and fit braces —

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the Medical Society of the State of New York, Auburn, N. Y.,

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Codliver-oil the author appears to rate with eggs in

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