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had subsided J patient cheerful and comfortable. Lochia and milk s
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licensure and as well helpful criticism by the pro-
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troubles, associated with acidity. Phthisis florida in young
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Epistaxis, Cole, tulpk.. Kali phos.. Kali eulph., Natr. pkoe., Natr
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three times s day; pressure was relieved in from three to five daye. In eome
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lated literary effort in general and special surgery, and
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Natrum mm. — Excessive sleep traced to an excess of
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and then as a rule only after they have been goaded
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be to invite, receive and digest suggestions and criti-
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on the Bth of February, "a lady suffering from mental derangement. Religious
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actual merit such as does this is particularly to be
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Keen. (Editor.) Surgery: Its Principles & Practice.
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S. The mal-practice phase of this action was raised
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ish discharge, which keeps up of thick consistenfiy. Very
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illustrations, while of artistic merit, bear little or no
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scope. It is a much safer procedure, however, in sus-
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This remedy probably acts by destroying the excess of lactic
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dence of the most experienced physicians are decidedly
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NervoBS SymptOins, — Irritation of the intestines by worms,
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committee which had been considering the matter for
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An Act to provide for the expense of installing certain
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gard to the life of the cell applies rigidly to that
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An Act to amend chapter 724, Laws of 1965, relative
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FoTum phoi.* three times a day, a darn before meals, cored the case. Hany symp-
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FhyBlologico-chemical Data.— This remedy, according to
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to this sequestrum was the cochlea, with its spiral
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Greasy scabs with offensive smell. Irritating secretions on
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an alien people, there is no doubt. In this case Heam
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eleven days of continuous fever. In 220 cases disease. When complications have occurred they
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language that is essentially the same that it was two
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the uterus is an unknown lesion. It was due to the au-
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under taj treatment, coryza and bronchial catarrh were veij Klight in the pre-
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scarlet : Kali eitlph.. Kali mur., Natr. mur., Ferr. phot., Kaliphot.
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flow of saliva or tears. Shootings along the nerve fibre with
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An Act to amend section 22 of the Consolidated Pub-
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in first onset of the fever, even if not present later after the
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other suggestions, such as correspondence, visit of the
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diagnosed a cystic tumor in the face when, as a matter
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M. Solis-Cohen has found tubercule bacilli in the feces
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soothing either in general effect or in alleviating
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In the cases tabulated by the New York gether. It is much like putting out a fire: the
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slimy: Kali mur., Nair. mur., Kali tulph.. Cole, m^k., Oale. phot.
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ear in anfemic subjects. A clinical symptom is: "noticeable
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in the right side of the head. Th« ear has been diachargiiig for three days but
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store the muscles much quicker than anything else. In its
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Deafness, awelling of Eustachian tub«a : K<Ui mur., Kali sulph,,
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in the head : Cale. phot., Cole, fiuor.. Cole, sulpk., Ferr. phot.,
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Fissure in anus ; SiUeea, Ot/e. phot., Natr. mur., (hlc fiuor.
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swelling before matter forms. It may also be used as a lotion,
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it will cause the death of one-tenth of the population
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External examination showed the cotumtctiva intact, as also the cornea, iris, etc
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the glands bad distinctly diminished, and in three days a complete cure was
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rermm phos. — " I am in the habit of giving this remedy
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The appendix details necessary apparatus,, reagents
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* Read before the Fifth District Branch of the Medical Society
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of Delegates request the County Societies to repeal the
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She continued tbe treatment for a short time longer, and her case was pronounced
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of these varieties of keratitis, for to do so would
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cific, individualized entity, always the same, and the
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reddish vesicles appear on the site of the applica-
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can advise a consumptive as to the nearest sanatorium,
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himself, and to interpret the readings of the plate
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the Times — ^when it was repudiated by the execu-
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tines, the liver, the heart and lungs, the blood, and the
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day she complained of some trouble or other, and in real it j Buffered from it. This
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Chairman Committee on Legislation. — Dr. Frank Van
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It should be noted that the Council has omitted the
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still greater good will be achieved in the field of pre-
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sore, comers ulcernted. Kdi mur*. Improvement set in at once, and ulcer com-
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"Resolved, That every case of ophthalmia neonatorum
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series of colored lamps; a century later the same at-
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