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pula Haeufig Sichtbare zur Diagnose der Lungenphthise
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Calcarea phos. — Spinal curvature, spinal weakness.
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purposes of this movement, enclose a slip containing
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despondent, and presenting marked evidence of nervous exhanstion. There was
estradiol/levonorgestrel transdermal system
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An Act to authorize and provide for the erection and
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she was discharged improved and not as recovered, as
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ical man was conaalled, as the direaw increased in spite of the difierent medicines
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as the cause of this condition, but does not allude
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causes a turgescence of the cells of the connective tissues in-
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gestion with heating or throbbing pain. Fain, heat, redness,
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til the fullest possible dilatation is attained. With-
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• Read before the Fourth District Branch of the Medical
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woTBe. Cktamenia occar ever/ three weeks. Takes cold very easily. Stillborn
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this test consist in using several dilutions of old
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tion of local diagpiosis, but local diagnosis is not
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Training School for Girls, by H. V. Bruce, M.D., Super-
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established in the distal segment^ since the same result
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for itself. The reviewer has had the honor of reviewing
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of its esteemed colleague, Dr. Robert A. Murray, which
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and popularizing the operative procedures. In 1900 he
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Bwelling, and cold water poured over it thrice a daj. Some parts were blue lotA'
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it of no weight in considering the indications for treat-
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stringy mucus coughed up. " Is applicable to cachetic persons
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intended for laymen it is no great fault in this case.
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points of view — ^first, by reason of the amount involved,
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he had been laid up three months with a fractured arm, and was in a very
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S. MacCUEN SMITH— Purulent Disease of the Middle Ear. The Treatment of Meningeal, Sinus and
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When he came to me (last March) he sud he had been unable to bear anytliiog
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stantly worried by enema ta, calomel and salts, while
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oxygen of the air sets the carbonic acid free in exchange for
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the eyes, a symptom of nervous disturbances during the
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mia where nutrition is manifestly defective." (Arndt.)
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quires so little oxygen, and so little of its blood
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that the doctor had made a diagnosis of stomach trouble,
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Polyuria, simplex ; Natr. mvr., Ferr. phot,, Nair. su^h., Natr. phot..
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latter being the inability to bring them to bear on
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President — I. M. Unger, Ithaca; Vice-President —
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Bellevue & Allied Hospitals. 6th Annual Report.
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throughout his life, never relinquishing practice. Be-
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cessful employment in hysteria, hypochondriasis and spinal
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tion to food, as well as the habits, diet, exercise,
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symptoms present peculiar to this group of ailments.
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ing Merrow, Hawken and Winters, have like the Arabs
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that a patient cost the State $187 a year, of which
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chronic conditions are prone to occur — especially
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Hemorrhoidal constipation. Constipation accompanied with
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Silicea. — Spinal irritation alternating with offensive foot-
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der Beginnenden Lungen— und Bronchialdruessentuber-
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the above compilation is mainly clinical. The authors did, in-
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Head and Sealp. — Headaches concurrently with small lumps
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a hospital. It also ultimately tends to nullify the
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ton, Oxford University Press, Warwick Square, E. C.
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showed only tiie slightest indisposition or changes
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etc., have been essayed, but, like the Pineal Gland, Carotid
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the oflenaiveneea had entirely disappeared. Oa examiuation fiad polypus shriv-
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It seems quite appropriate that a choice selection of
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but it is surely a new thing in religion to be told that
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chronic affections it has not accomplished results much
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that auto-intoxication is not an entity but a symp-
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ventilation to be essential in the process of cure.
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Senior Surgeon to the Children's Hospital, Padding-
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