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remedies she has recovered greatly, her lungs are wonderfully healed up, and her
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cation for less exercise. Absolute rest is enjoined
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ach." That the tongue is not the "mirror of the stom-
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Calcarea phot. — Chronic bemoirhoidB in anemic or weakly
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Volkmann traites par les tractions lentes et continues,
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perature rose to 100, while pulse and respiration re-
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third day of acute symptoms. Later another ca<ie
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BoitoMt tad Editorid OffieM: 17 Wtft 43d StrMt, Ntw York
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for surgeons are apt to gloss over and to neglect the
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it is believed that these cases exemplify this truth.
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fifteen feet with difficulty from blurring of the letters, not improved by glasses.
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Amblyopia and cataract after checked foot sweat. Boils and
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An Act to amend section 332 of the Consolidated Town
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people officially, as director of -a bank and as trustee
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Society of the State of New York at Plattsburg, N. Y., July 8,
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feeling in stomach, with feeling of weight above the ensiform
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embraces in general the total energy exchange, nitro-
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ness of the optic nerve. Nystagmus, strabismus, spasmodic
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the task of giving to Art and Medicine the great work
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heated room. Decidedly yellow or yellowish-green discharges
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which beset this so-called physiological act, childbirth.
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visceral ptoses, is that gynscolognsts should not forget
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gums, nose, etc. Loss of blood if dark, blackish, thin like
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ber 1st in quarters supplied for them by the Committee
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bership (Corporations Law, relative to certificates of
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routine program is filled in or scratched out after
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This little book contains in orderly arrangement and
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An Act to amend section 84 of the (Consolidated Labor
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watery secretions. Inflammation of the mucous lining of the
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February 3, reported; February 9, to third reading.
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care gives his patient a potion or plaster, and contrary
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Professor of Diseases of the Eye, New York Post-Graduate
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ber of the Medical Society of the State of New York
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ments, shall desi|:nate at least ten and not more than
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friends or relatives when in danger or near death, co-
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berg's well-known work on acute contagious diseases.
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the periods in pale, lachrymose, irritable, sensitive females.
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paralysis of muscles of hand and forearm became more
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lasted, then continue Kali mur. alone. These remedies soon relieved him and he
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obtaining reliable statistics and scientific infor-
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doubt but that a much larger proportion of the tuber-
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though Bcantj], had been treated bf me for the laat few jeara. She suffered from
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" they thought sjmptoms called for, and some success has followed this method of
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Great constipation, the rectum lacks power to expel stools and
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Case of ulcer of the cornea with elevated edges and vascular base, resulting
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No longer is a patient given only custodial care, but
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shall consist of six members to serve for three years,
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Resolved, That the House of Delegates of the Medical
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to her the secrets of the sexual life by means of the
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Katrum mm. — Indigestion and pain with water gathering
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ing such thoughtful consideration by alienists as during
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and that all he perceived of objects beyond a foot or
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charge that the operation was performed without the
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in which the author shows by statistics the reduced
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ing letter be sent with recommendations as to the use
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especially in chronic interstitial nq)hritis; name-
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patient was in a sitting position or when reclining
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rich in oxygen, can cure ague spontaneously, because the or-
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Natnim SUlph. — Bilious vomiting, morning sickness and
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by the relief of the pain. 5. The paroxysmal character of
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A lady called to see me just after a severe hemorrhage from the womb, in fact
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tiveness, effects of violent emotions, grief or care, weakness of
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improvemoit. But in the same degree as the pains were leaving and the Bwellii^
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remedy indicated by the emption, such as KaH mur. or Qd-
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the children in the home prevented them having it, though with the sick one
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Bhonlder red, swollen and sensitive to preasare. The preasure of the pillow WM
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better under cheerful excitement. Neuralgic headache with
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rule in that he administered improper diet and pre-
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Alexander Lambert, Treasurer, In Account with The Medical Society of the State of
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highly nervous and excitable, also a feeling as of a ball
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and face. Uterine cancer. Icy coldness and fetid, brownish
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"through and through suture" for closure of the ab-
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Delegate to State Society, M. A. Stivers; Delegate to
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