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to bridges over portions of the present canals to be

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Fotmdation. It is a timely and valuable publication.

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thrcure advanced steadily aniil he was well. This case was prononnc«d hopelesB

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elected: Dr. A. T. Bristow 54, Dr. Charles Jewett 47,

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cultural Law, relative to the manufacture and sale of

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under sanitarium care, than in the bad surroundings

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in another, seem to shift about, and are becomtog very troublesome, hindering him

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Public Health Law, and adding two new sections, 76-a

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gion of right scapula, extending into the right upper arm, and down the fore-

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loose, rattling phlegm, clear, serous and frothy in character

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lachrymation. Lachrymation with eruption of small vesicles

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spreading over the whole abdomen. Heat in the lower bowels

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all physicians in good standing to become members of the

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Knege. Vierteljahr f. gerichtl. Med., 1903, vol. 25,

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lachrymal secretiona determined my choice, and I gt,ye Natram mur. in water;

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adminisfration of like animal gland, partly to tide

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(^^nd exude a watery fluid. Erysipelas, smooth, red, shiny, ting-

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municipal authority who has to do with any of the de-

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seat of the disease, in the cerebro-spinaU pleural,

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in colors of different vowels, spoke their parts in words

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Cases II and III, the temporary aortic insufficien-

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Femuu phos.— Vomiting of blood, bright red blood, yrith

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The nature of the abdominal pains pointed to swelling and enia^iemenl of the

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water. In five cases, tvro of which I treated without good results. Kali phot.

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coldness is snbjectiTe but not objective. Natrmn mtir,', 6th trit., promptly cured tbe

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Calcarea phos.— Nervous prostration, with depression of

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his bill for an operation on the uvula of a woman pa-

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On the other hand,- 1 am very glad to say that there

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Part III is very useful, giving up to January, 1909,

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sity made him professor of Nervous Diseases, the dif- -

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In the hands of Metchnikoff and Salmon, atoxyl has,

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on "The Relation Between the Physician and the Phar-

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a failure, the failure being due to the fact that we

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by the study of cytomorphosis in all of its phases :

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Natmm mnr. — Polyuria, with much emaciation; hsema-

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colleagues to install a well equipped X-ray outfit,

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Many of the "suggestions" seem sufficiently obvious,

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pho». for the spasmodic pains. Add five grains to a tumbler half full of water,

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marked symptoms of arterio-sderosis, in the loss of

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When we recognize life as a form of force, we can be

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York loans and the Medical Society of the County of

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the legs, excessive expulsive efforts. Puerperal convulsions.

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great interest and value to the physician who wants to-

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tinues and the success of the operation is nullified.

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other point could.lM elicited that would lead to the more ordinary medicines; in-

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Stockton moved that Dr. Hopkins' address be embodied

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tive to appropriation of lands, structures and waters

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Femim phos. — In the hypersemic stage, indifferent as to

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per rectum, administered. Patient did well; drainage

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the great difficulty of a positive diagnosis during life»

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liver dulness all noticeable. Leucocytes were 5,200; per-

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the fistula closed; but muco-pus continued to form.

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subject of vision, we have an example of Hearn's style

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had operated on the pastor of Jjuidau for cataract, and she went to see him. " If

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monitoi7 stage. Conjanctivitis and intolerance of light along with it were the

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The book is eminently practical and is not designed

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8 , (et. a, was admitted to the London Homteopalhic Hospital, on

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•Read before the Medical Society of the State of New York,

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payment of dues; 19 resignations; 26 deaths; the active

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Testut. The remaining illustrations are largely diag-

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tests, be they microscopical or chemical in nature.

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lore promptly and efiectnallj than Kaii phoi. For spai^modiq cnunpj pains,

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to the Council on Medical .Education, shall be paid

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Kali Bulph. — Riper yellow, fatty degenerated secretion.

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field, J. T. Howell. R. F. Medrick and J. D. Brownell.

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4.«;, Consolidated Laws. By Mr. Davis. To Judiciary

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The People of the State of New York, represented in

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SynonymB. — Sodium Sulphate. Sodas Sulphas. Sodii

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edy and it may complete the cure. Palpitation from excessive

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wrapper, and also, at least once In the Joubnal or Directory, proTlded. howeyer, that the date of the Joubbai* or

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Tuberculosis, Vol. I, No. IV, Archiv. Pediat., Sept.,

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read, asking that a united effort be made to obtain

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The following officers were elected : President— A.

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discussion. After the meeting a collation was served

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ical Society of the State of New York shall receive

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intercurrent with the chief remedy ; discharge of albuminous

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An Act to amend section 30 of the Consolidated Agri-

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quate account of in this volume of the Practical Medi-

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