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Elliott, M.D., Superintendent Willard State Hospital.

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phot., and, as if by magic, the pains disappeared and did not return." (Fnnn

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affections, when the prominent characteriatic aymptoma of thia

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History— Tezrs have run from the right eye for two

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in the abdomen. During the week previous to this his

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HARRY W. CAREY— Report of a Case of Amoebic Dysentery 511

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contributed upon their respective subjects, would pro-

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" Oimi(^., Femim phoe., Natrwm rour. or Hatram phoi., or what not, is the question

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gically correct and artistic. We believe that this work

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ally if Kali mur. has foiled to abort the suppuration. After

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Third, a series of families containing several audito-

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JOHN R, SHANNON— A Case of Severe Poisoning by Homatropin 262

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feet and lower limbs, when the swelling is soft at first, afterwards becoming hard

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an indictment against the common house-fly, which he

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eight uncolored, and ten figures, all admirably executed

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necrosed tissue in sight, including a large seques-

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Kali snlph. — Gonorrhcea with slimy yellow or greenish

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be received as printed. See pages 52, 54, 57. Motion

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looking. In mastitis when the pua is brownish, dirty and

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to Gelsem. in some of its symptoms. They correspond in the

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vomiting of bile, bitter taste in the mouth. ' Colicky pain, with

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tory character, violent vomiting, great tenderness of abdomen, reetlessness,

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improved or not even felt during pleasant excitement. This

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Scarlet fever : KaU ndph.. Kali mur., Ferr.pJuM., Natr. mur,, Kali

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ings were checked by the pathologist of the Methodist

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treatment at an open air institution with the salu-

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ness of the skin in children with watery symptoms. Warts on

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The article on intratracheal injections recalls to our

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sel was simply called upon to advise the attorney to

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minutes of meetings of the Council of March ist and

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publications and their distribution, and shall have au-

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up a statement of the reasons why it is advantageous

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ary capillaries, with their glandular epithelium. This double

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to be a graduate of a Medical College in Indianapolis,

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headache, giddiness and lassitude. Gastric derangements with

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Br. H. OouUon (iV- Z^l*dtrifi, Lelpdc, Jum, 18S6) praiHM Saintm phoa. in

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struction. The great value of this work, particularly to

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W. J. Martin, HJ)., in the TrantaObm* Ptuna. Horn. Med. Soeiity, 1S36, report*

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pula Haeufig Sichtbare zur Diagnose der Lungenphthise

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gynecological text-book of the twentieth century to be

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With this, however, the writer disagrees, believmg that

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Natrom sulph. — Very important as a remedy for the syeotic

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for 1910: President, E. R. Baldwin, of Saranac Lake;

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opalgis KindDB as tiefore. The pain ia maddeniog, and there is high fever with

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April 9, to third reading; passed Printed No. 1771.

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. on the surface of the mucous membrane, where it is rect^nized

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found Nairwm mur. to do excellent service." (C. E. Fisher.)

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indications, such as increase of bacilli in the urine,

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been anemic for several years. All their symptoms were prompil; relieved, the

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Kali BOlph, — Earache with secretion of thick, yellow, or

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the eyes and lids, A remedy of great importance in diseases

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A handy visiting list for the general practitioner to

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in a vise or something gnawing there. Delirium. Burning

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surgery in woman belongs without question to the gyne-

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(which is rare) ; the history of an initial lesion or

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