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as they have inherited or acquired a mental lack of

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treatise upon the commoner skin diseases; and on ac-

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History— Tezrs have run from the right eye for two

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which waa soon stopped by putting one of the powders in a half a glass of water,

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Dr. W. B. Burlingham, 260 West Utica Street, Buffalo.

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of the State of New York at Utica, October 15, 1908.

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Childbirth and Lactation to Insanity,'* R. E. Doran,

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In diphtheria (maligna) where every known remedy failed, KtUi phot, and Soli

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Andrew J. Dower, M.D., of Brooklyn, N. Y., died July

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in tJie right langwas theresalt. Hiscaaewas abadone, complicated by bronchial

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Meeting was called to order at 10.3Q o'clock by the

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physician or surgeon to a large hospital is a better

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subject of vision, we have an example of Hearn's style

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the joint deliberations of these committees, and recom-

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commiserates with him in the following naive fashion

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action of the Board of Trustees in restricting adver-

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opalgis KindDB as tiefore. The pain ia maddeniog, and there is high fever with

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lective clauses relating to anaesthesia ; the clause

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system. Hay asthma and hay fever. Asthma from the least

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older children, local anaesthesia is advisable, and

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have read the last Lancet or the newest Annals of Sur-

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physicians still consider S3rphilis to be of strictly

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throat. In three weeks, hearing was quite restored and swelling subsided. —

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troubling him, he said, " No, the only thing 1 sometimes trouble myself about, is

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yellow, also in certain reflex affections connected with the

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the action of the Board of Trustees in restricting ad-

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essentials of office equipment, in both the diagnosis

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measles, scarlet fever, eczema, etc., when the skin is harsh and

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assured by the publishers that that may be expected

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use." Merck said the same thing. I verified the above by

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present so frequently in other conditions, it would

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we find a very interesting article by Dr. Lawrence R.

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returned Mid urine had been voided freely. A good recorerj followed. (P. A.

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of certain large cystic tumors of the pelvic cavity.

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cess, causing the tumor rapidly to ripen, and often to break

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such as concerning house flies, histories of epidemics,

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in one spot. Vomiting of sour fluids or of a dark substance

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works on the following basis. Having carefully ana-

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Natram mur.— Pains in small of back relieved by lying on

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Th., kL 15, thick crop of pKpaleii on forehead, face and both hands, red looking,

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coughed up with difficulty : Nair. mur., Cole, phot., KaU mur.

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Natrom mur. — With much saliva or swelling of the testi-

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Elliott, M.D., Superintendent Willard State Hospital.

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phot., and, as if by magic, the pains disappeared and did not return." (Fnnn

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affections, when the prominent characteriatic aymptoma of thia

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History— Tezrs have run from the right eye for two

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in the abdomen. During the week previous to this his

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HARRY W. CAREY— Report of a Case of Amoebic Dysentery 511

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contributed upon their respective subjects, would pro-

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" Oimi(^., Femim phoe., Natrwm rour. or Hatram phoi., or what not, is the question

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gically correct and artistic. We believe that this work

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ally if Kali mur. has foiled to abort the suppuration. After

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Third, a series of families containing several audito-

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JOHN R, SHANNON— A Case of Severe Poisoning by Homatropin 262

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feet and lower limbs, when the swelling is soft at first, afterwards becoming hard

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an indictment against the common house-fly, which he

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eight uncolored, and ten figures, all admirably executed

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necrosed tissue in sight, including a large seques-

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Kali snlph. — Gonorrhcea with slimy yellow or greenish

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be received as printed. See pages 52, 54, 57. Motion

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looking. In mastitis when the pua is brownish, dirty and

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to Gelsem. in some of its symptoms. They correspond in the

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vomiting of bile, bitter taste in the mouth. ' Colicky pain, with

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tory character, violent vomiting, great tenderness of abdomen, reetlessness,

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improved or not even felt during pleasant excitement. This

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Scarlet fever : KaU ndph.. Kali mur., Ferr.pJuM., Natr. mur,, Kali