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language of science is worthy of the highest praise.

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* Read before the Medical Society of the County of Rich*

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is dependent on inflammation making no intervals and in-

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tary-Treasurer, G. M. Abbott, of Saranac Lake; Dele-

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The result of the examination of the fluid obtained

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practically no hemorrhauje, and what bleeding took place

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ftdness at the pit of the stomaeh with yellow coated tongue. In-

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regarding the place of meeting, writes as follows :

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times acid taste. To be taken also as a preTentative before the

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care and treatment of the insane, and within certain

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Guilford; Secretary, Paul B. Brooks, Norwich; Treas-

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years. Although not belonging under this class a de-

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diploma in hand, with the knowledge and practice of

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Dr. Allen A. Jones suggested the advisability of em-

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with yellow watery secretion on limited portions, with peeling

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that the operation for cleft palate may be performed as

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those upon "The Surgical Treatment of Brain-Tumors"

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in 1851. Clinicians feared that the reflection of such

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sued by the Post Office department; the wares adver-

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Pearl River; Alva Dingman, of Paterson, N. J.; M. J.

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the motor stimulus to the muscles. Paralysis of white nerye

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exercise, however, is some regular exercise in the open

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I found that the bullet had been shatered into a num-

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make special provision for the tuberculous; dispen-

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as this latest contribution from Dr. Kelly's facile pen.

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digest, and reflects the individuality of the author. A

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proportion to education and cultivation in children who

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atology is of doubtful value, as there is no attempt to

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Gone sensation at pit of stomach : Kaliphot., Natr. phot.

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pale face, sallow, yellowish,earthy,col6 sweat on the face; body

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evening and fall in the morning. Thirstlessness. Dread of hot

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Magnesia phos. — Sciatica with excruciating, spasmodic

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A little giri, let. 9, hod recovered from diphthsria and scarladna rather

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stored glycogen into the acid. The liver is the prime and

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oozing of an acrid substance. Eruptions on the flexor surfaces

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gout, ccdema, dropsy, yellow-coated tongue with bitter taste, Natrttm euiph,, 3x,

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beet remedies known left me in the lurch. Almost evar day a letter or telegram

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painful. The joints of the vertebne, at the nape of the necli, were implicated,

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case with one of the papers and we don't think that

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care absolutely nothing for expense. What they want

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Marked tenderness over the manubrium, outer sodium salicylate was applied to the aching

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Frederick C. Robinson, of New York City, died July 4,

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Called at 4 p.m., about the Mime, ptun itill severe, gave Femim phot, in solution ;

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aud wasting of skull bones. Fistulous ulcers on the ankles;

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The following is my experience with the remedy and all my results have been

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interrupted or broken compensation, then it will be


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An Act to provide for the management of the Eastern

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pho». for the spasmodic pains. Add five grains to a tumbler half full of water,

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having any regard for regularity. We likewise find these pains in headache,

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Natnun sulph. — In diphtheria as an intercurrent remedy

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the feel but becomes distinctly more tense while the

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tion probably owes its toxicity largely to the sap-

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bile, with bilious coating on the tongue, or bitter taste in the

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23. Medical Sentinel, September, 1907. Paper by Dr.

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F. This was an action brought by the administrator of

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cases of boils, carbuncles, felous, or any suppurative process,

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pitals or camps for the treatment of pulmonary tuber-

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reliance on clinical pictures led to in the case of

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The book is profusely illustrated with original draw-

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very quickly, but another evil set in, namely, violent salivation. The gums were

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few remaining may rapidly increase in the favor- we may confidently predict that the subsequent

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An Act to repeal certain sections of the public health

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the society and shall forfeit all right and title to any

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pus in the urine a urinary antiseptic suited to the

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