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^'flatalenca. The eloul splatters all over the veseel. Natnua titlph.'™ cutei. (C.

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remedy indicated by the emption, such as KaH mur. or Qd-

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state ceases, and the rheumatic and other symptoms subside,

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my communication in his haste to dispute my findings.

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in New England, are being depleted by the healing cults,

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districts, there is only one proper plan of medical

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of the blue pencil, for it would seem that some subjects

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time; also we are of the opinion that it would be inad-

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FREDERICK C. BEALS— Artificial Hyperemia in the Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis 15

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Notification of the appointment of delegates, accom-

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An Act to legalize the submission, at the last general

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basse. W. M. Brown, W. T. Mulligan, J. O. Roe, L. W.

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value. As a part of the library of the general practi-

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field falling within the horizon of the present-day spec-

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The members of the society, escorted by Dr. Russell,

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Chairman Committee on Legislation. — Dr. Frank Van

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Marsh; Delegate to State Society, Wm. C. Todt; Del-

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Calcarea snlph. — Scald head of children, if there be mat-

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any form of respiratory distress in this case, pre-

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Tjrphoid fever : Kali tulph.. Kali mur., N<Ur. mur., Ferr.phot., Kidi

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Eiseline, Shortsville; Censors, J. H. Jewett, S.R.Whee-

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of antiseptic fluid introduced into the bladder for

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George Woolsey, A, P., M.£)., Professor of Anatomy

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per rectum, administered. Patient did well; drainage

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Calcarea phos. — After typhoid or gastric fevers aa the

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Dr. Simonds stated that in his experience thie most

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attacked last winter by ■ gereie pain in the b«ck,iD consequence of catching cold.

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lieve it to be our moral obligation to interest and

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adding a new title, 5, relative to street improvements

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Almagia and Mendes, of Rome, have found cholesterin

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affections, when the prominent characteriatic aymptoma of thia

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and of philosophy, that mere empiricism is sterile,

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the great difficulty of a positive diagnosis during life»

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by adding three new sections, 109, no and in, rela-

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Magnesia phos. — Drooping of the eyelid, aflections of the

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fits, paroxysms ; without expectoration, spasmodic cough at

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To the Officers of the Medical Society of The State of

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are protected, though in general this applies to civil

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Kali solph. — Toothache aggravated in the warm room and

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oocapation. Ifatntm mtr^ SO triL, ererj {bar boon, daring the ^ayrexia. Next

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tongue being clean. Indigestion from relaxed condition of

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oma originating in a branchial cyst, but the nature of

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Preparation. — The pure sulphate of sodium is triturated as

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Ball (Sir Charles B.). The Rectum: Its Diseases and

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regulating experiments on living animals", is opposed

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paralysis in any part of the body, squinting, etc. The putrid

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low in all cases of ordinary, simple septicemia. The

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for the very reason that the little patients cannot

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Belmont, and Geo. Roos. of Wellsville, were appointed

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on diflerent days. Magnetiapkoi. cured this case In twelve hours.