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JOHN C. MacEVITT— Remarks on the Diagnosis of Ovarian Dermoid Cysts 159

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day morning she was so well that she went out to her wort as ueoal.

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lished the fact of automatization and subconscious re-

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with heartburn and chilliness ; vomiting in the a.m. Disgust

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(IV) includes general considerations involved in opera-

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of the village in 1884, and was for four years a member

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Schiissler'a recommendation, made me think of iron. I prescribed his own pre-

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undigested food : Ferr. phoe., Oale. phot., Oale. fiuor.

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Carbuncles : Silieea, Cale. t^ph., Kali mur., Ferr.phet.

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tical certainty — can be established by a systematic

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itchy, accompanied by gastric derangements and acidity.

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tation in a review, for all these papers are very interest-

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effects of Natr. mur. and of Sulphur in the Western climate

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eyelid also in an irritated and inflamed condition. The cornea was dim, with a

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to receive adverse reports, as well as those favoring the

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Another case of religioua melancholia, of three ireeks standing, in a woman,

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ports were not inconsistent, but thought the recom-

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This case is now on the calendar of the court and will

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Society, S. B. Ward, M.D., Chairman; H. C Gordinier,

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phia; James J. Walsh, M.D., New York; J. W. Ballan-

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phyaician, as he employed one in the Bast fbrmerly as his fiimily adviser.

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colored, or acrid and watery. Discharges from the uterus sour

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of jointe, violent pains : Magnet, phot., KaU su^h.

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coincidence. There is, though, a contact infection, also

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but, of course, this is pure hypothesis and only suggested

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cnteropticus.^' In^ the space devoted to chemical exam-

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pation, worse in the morning, from reading, writing and talk-

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H. Murray, J. L. Heffron, D. M. Totman. W. W. Skin-

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that, in spite of the absence of almost every visible

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nasal spray. In presenting the subject ot acute rhinitis

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cist in this respect by using a little more consid-

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a flill dose. Alter a fewdosea the cough became loose, lost complelAl; the bark-

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section 64-a, relative to destruction of diseased do-

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basis of payment being only one of the details. Ordi-

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Mr. J. S. Phillips. To Judiciary (Totnmittee. (Same

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present both in the right and left eye. Trachoma in

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Drs. E. S. McClellan, Chairman, E. R. Baldwin, D. C

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Loss of appetite, indigestion felt slightly. On rising in the

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Medicine held on Saturday, February 6th, in pursuance

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to appropriate some money for the proper maintenance

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is as beneficial as for the soul. If you doubt this

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tions were treated correctly, operations for caries

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woman of brunette type, weight no pounds, Blaud's mass three times daily, after meals. On

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frothy discharge, worse on going into the cold and on exer-

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with two rows of sutures. Pelvis was mopped free from

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file etiological factor in smallpox, invites the in-

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culosis; typical forms of organization of associations;

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" and if a strict observance is had in their aelection, the physician will cure all

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irritation with stiffness of nape of the neck with headache.

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The list of works on dietetics has been largely added

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made, a drainage tube inserted and daily irrigation >

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The following offiters were elected for the ensuing

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after a few days was np and and about as usual. (C. T. M.)

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the 2x to the l^x trilnration, with results the moat gratifying, controlling the

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thrcure advanced steadily aniil he was well. This case was prononnc«d hopelesB

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An Act relative to tenement houses, constituting chap-


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An Act to amend section 667 of the Greater New York

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out emitted a terrible stench. About a month previoos a piece of cttrious bone

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etc, with Kali mur., in fourteen dsys. The result quite surprised me." — Pop.

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' was an authority, and in the latter field he was known

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" where the patient is delirious or nervous and in the more malig^iant form of the

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patient to have the tear sac removed, especially as the

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of the gall-bladder with cystic duct partly blocked

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readily bleeding, with torpid, callous edges, fistulous ulcers,

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attack, connected with bilious vomiting. Neuralgic headache,

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An Act to authorize the commissioners of the Sinking

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features. Silicea ripens abscess, since it promotes snppnration.

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Resolved, That this House of Delegates requests all

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Sleep. — Spasmodic yawning, "Insommia from exhaustion

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