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BoNDY— "Ueber Kutanreaktion bei Neugcborenen."—

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quantity than thotra of lime in the muscles. Qrant this fact then, aod we have

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Quinuu, had left untouched. The «niAarr<u« tie ricAcsM still increased. Ghaavmi.

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made for review, as dictated by their merits, or in Ae interests

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trial show this, as the hospital records were entered by

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tiveness accompany it. Greasy scabs with offensive smell;

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There seemed to be eit«ii*ive deatruction of tissae, and aa the cases also presented

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Fermm phos. — Constipation with heat in the lower bowel,

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Society of the State of New York at Hornell, N. Y., September

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Dr. Fisher was coniolted by a Ud]' {eneitnU) who wm infieriDg from a ooagh

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Railway Surgeons will hold its nineteenth annual meet-

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evidenced by \he publication of text-books on medical

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sometimes designated as "abortive," terminate the bacteria, such, for example, as a thick exu-

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and one whose first thought was the good of the suf-

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the Medical Society of the State of New York, October 15, 1908.

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many valuable hints will be gleaned by a perusal of

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fatty degeneration ; the latter is not infrequently

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bear the influence on public affairs which should have

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ness of the liver and gray or white coated tongue. Gastritis,

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the annual meeting of the Society, the Committee shall

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"(a) If ordered by the prescriber 'not to be repeated*

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of detention for inebriates, to regulate the manage-

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House of Delegates of the Medical Society of the State

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Acknowledgment of all books received will be made in this

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off with the sun ; to catarrhal headache and to migraine."

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was fined and ordered out of the State, at Syracuse, for

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advisable we think that he is too cautious in the treat-

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its effects to a loss of substance or to a displace-

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betterment of present conditions, and while not an ideal

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* Read before the Medical Society of the State of New York

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condition known as colored audition. Individual cases

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Sudden altacka of deathly sickneM at the stomacli, coming <»i at no particular

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la/cop., Uatrma mm-., were of no avail during four or five months. After taking

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. few days from pneumonia, on the third of December,

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* Read before the Medical Society of the State of New York,

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especially the right cavit;. The lung disease produced hj neglected cold. When

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Administration. — The lower potencies seem to work best; thus

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of paraffin. It is therefore but a revival of Heaton's

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mittee, the members of which shall not belong to the

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very quickly, but another evil set in, namely, violent salivation. The gums were

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clean tongue. Painful constriction of the muscles of the coat

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jointly for improper certification of insanity. The pa-

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An Act authorizing the town board of the town of Rye.

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toms. But the most striking resemblance is with Coloc. in

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more than once on the same prescription, in the follow-

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Sallow face : KaHphoe., Natr. mv,r., Natr. sulph.. Cole. phos.

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64 per cent.; blood pressure 75; temperature was 103.8.

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by a loud bombing noise and afterward be unable to sleep " for the racket in his

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Diarrhoea in typhoid fever ; stools like pale yellow ochre.

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neas she had became ao stout that ahe could not sloop to button her shoes,

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Dr. D. B. Whitlier (in ffaAnnnantiin MonUdy. July, 1687) reports several cases

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lieving pains in limbs and great toe. Palpitation, feels puls^

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and inflated.'* This is due to the fact that in this

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John J. Quicley, M.D., of New York City, died Janu-

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birth and a healthy child ; it lived to be six months

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enlarged and thoroughly revised, with 200 illustra-

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Fleming, C. Jewett, G. F. Little, S. J. McNamara, J. C.

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illustrations, while of artistic merit, bear little or no

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had been doing all kinds of needlework and a great deal of writing, without any

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ists, or bacteriologists, or microscopists or dealers

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flaps is preferable to the kink or scissors, as the cut

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friendly critics, and it gives him exactly the kind

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Mrs. W., two weeks pregnant, had been vomiting nearly everfthiug that she

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on angina pectoris to the many already in existence.

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difficult and crumbling ; stitches iu rectum and in urethra

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was removed to a general hospital for treatment; there

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nal that they are treating arterio-sclerosis, goitre, kidney

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menorrhagia, blood either bright red or too dark, palpitation

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