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thing, and as a rule something of more than usual in-
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Natrum mur. — A useful intercurrent remedy in puerperal
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to the public. The aims and mission of medicine, in its
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there, as might be expected where twenty-five men have
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Fotmdation. It is a timely and valuable publication.
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are adynamic eytnptoms, and the suppurative process becomes
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elected: Dr. A. T. Bristow 54, Dr. Charles Jewett 47,
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abdomen very much dUtended. As the child was all this tinie in high fever, and
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evidently to deal with two different affections — hypopyon (matter in the eye), and
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surpass those of any other text-book on the subject
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tauer. A. Jacobi, E. Le Fevre, J. M. Mabbott, H. M. Sil-
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the mortality in 898 cases treated without quinine was
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Cases II and III, the temporary aortic insufficien-
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relieved entirely on the second day. I noticed an unnatnal excitement about the
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water. In five cases, tvro of which I treated without good results. Kali phot.
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to any Qne who wishes some concise directions regard-
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his bill for an operation on the uvula of a woman pa-
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product of an American pen may, indeed, be a source of
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him of the responsibility for the exercise of other
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• Read before the Sixth District Branch of the Medical Society
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a large sarcoma afiecting the superior m&xilla, giving a frog-like appearance to
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Many of the "suggestions" seem sufficiently obvious,
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marked symptoms of arterio-sderosis, in the loss of
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and at coroners' inquests and. examinations and trials
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the legs, excessive expulsive efforts. Puerperal convulsions.
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again an industrial unit, a factor in the production of
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with, which causes frequent attacks of depression, pros-
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tive to appropriation of lands, structures and waters
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market, ». e., on the knowledge and responsibility
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shall discontinue its medical library, or for any reason
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The question whether the operation of artery suture
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Carman; Delegate to Seventh District Branch, A. Le-
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ARTHUR G. ROOT— Address of the President of the Medical Society of the State of New York 33
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day his body lay in one of the school buildings, and
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the chief characteristics of Dr. Wey was his fimmess
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tests, be they microscopical or chemical in nature.
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Ing up of symptoms seems to be that not all the t^e serum and a better understandmg as to how
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York loans and the Medical Society of the County of
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drops, and quinine. She complained of a severe vertigo, felt mostly on rising
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the process of suppuration with the following distinguishing
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The People of the State of New York, represented in
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yoma was not discovered till a few months later. Since
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ical Society of the State of New York shall receive
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fuse. Leucorrhoeal dischai^e instead of menses. Icy cold-
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Natnun mm. — Diphtheria if the face be pisSty and pale with
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inflammatory stage, or in chronic bronchitis when a fresh
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ter. We should say that this quality— the excellent
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quate account of in this volume of the Practical Medi-
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waa veiy severe and taat underminiDg hia health ; he hod been treated bj a, very
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Section IIL This Act shall not be construed as lim-
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flexure; worse before breakfast when the stomach is empty.
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last years, and permit life saving or life prolong-
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He defines rape and gives the signs in the virgin and
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Pimples on skin: Ferr. phot., Kali mur., Calc sulph.
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Explanation — Matter In italics is new; matter in brackets
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cure the enforcement of the laws regulating the prac-
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affected. Sensation of ants crawling on the affected parts.
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after bad weather, under conditions of distraction, with
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their method of life they really offer them a stone
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feature of this affection is the intermittent char-
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curve left many results in perplexity, showing aston-
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Calcarea flaor. — After-pains if too weak, contractions fee-
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Becker, H. — "Zur Begruendung einiger subjectivcr
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and stools still natural. I gave three di&rent medicines— amongst these, Jeon,
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attorneys-general of nearly all the states and had re-
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An Act to amend chapter 646 of the Laws of IQ05 rela-
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considered as possible factors, as has also, infec-
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petri^re is most interestingly traced. First, tests on
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sible before operations, and avoid curetting. Allow
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haustively the metabolism of disease. Thus in the sec-
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select one of its members to act as chairman and nc
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Femim phos. — First stage of orchitis, inflammatory con-
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Haste seems always to be evidenced in the getting up
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Society. By Frederic S. Lee, A.M., Ph.D., Professor