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the right of parties to call other expert witnesses as

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ized to add to the minutes the statement that the gen-

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cause the violent reaction. It is possible that this

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Presbyterian and Bellevue Hospitals. Fourth Edition.

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H. Murray, J. L. Heffron, D. M. Totman. W. W. Skin-

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858.) April 7, reported; April 8, to third reading.

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medical man saw no alternative, as the evil onljgrew worse, to make arnngementa

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15. "Skin Diseases Illustrated by the Stereopticon,"

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upon requisition of the State Commission in Lunacy.

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quent induration. Malignant and gangrenous inflammations.

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Volkmann traites par les tractions lentes et continues,

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ing and Jamaica bays, and appropriating $2,000 there-

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before the time fixed for the decennial meeting of this

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was dismissed as convalescent. No relapse occurred. (From Schiisaler.)

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change the croupous to a catarrhal cough, and when given in

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make it as attractive as possible, but the selection

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ture, California State Med. Jour., 1907, v, 160-163.

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all be true, but we confess ourselves not convinced

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largement of glands, enlarged abdominal glands sometimes

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President — Thomas Keator, Accord; Secretary — Mary

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Eemun phos. — Ouma sore, red, hot and infiamed. Red-

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partiallj expelled with much itrainiug and then receded back ialo the recttun.

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initiatory and prodxomic stages, also for the symptoms of

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the opening to one inch in diameter. From this open-

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Dwight H^ set. 12, has been subject to nosebleed for past few years. During

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briefly referred to, realizing the relativity of our

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(so-called blood tumor), on the parietal bones of newborn

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vestigations on the effect of Sodium Benzoate on the

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veins, associated with diminished abdominal tension.

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that the Tri-County Meeting be held at Rock City in

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alternation with Kali phos.; also when the tears stream down

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tween mother and child, lovers and friends; while es-

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tion made up three times, and using it steadily, she felt no improvement, and was

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13, 1908, says : *'Your first treatment improved my eyes

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be elected to serve three years each, and at the first

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pale : Kali phoa., SUicea, Natr. tulph., Nair. mur., NtUr. phot.

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suicide is against all their relatives' principles.

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Non-official Remedies, a publication with which all

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Metchnikov's idea of all lines of human thought lead-

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with bard base snd callous edges. I ordered Kati miph., a powder eyerjeTening,

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tatorily, at the apex the first sound in prolonged,

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Physiologioo-chemical Data.~A constituent of the con-

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for this malady. On that occasion his recovery took from eight to ten weeks.

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stomach derangements, white tongue accompanied with 'de-

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" in the stomach. If the tongue has a golden-yellow coating, creamy, moist, give

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showing that the lesion probably exists more frequently

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WILLIS E. FORD— Some Advantages of a Small Hospital 410

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specialists as disease entities, whereas, in truth,

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Whitlow : Cole, mlph., Ferr, phoe., SUieea, Nair, mlpk.

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too long lasting and too profuse, often amounting to metrorrha-

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ing, irritating discharges, causing itching and falling off of the

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relative to the letting of contracts and spreading of

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gestion in the parts. This remedy, if given early, will often

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"Ontario County'^ Tuberculosis Problem," A. L. Bea-

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but Natr. gulph. has much more the muco-purulent, thick, ropy,

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asking the Society to change the date of its annual

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I recently bad a case, exactly like the preceding, healed in ten days by Fermm

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MagaeBia phos. — Spasmodic retention of the urine. Gravel.

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them. Dr. George Frick, of Baltimore, who graduated

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tive to furnishing water to private premises. By Mr.

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marked, distension and apparent rigidity being present

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to Chapter VII., Section i, after the words, "A Com-

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against the doctor, so that the entire amount involved,

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and if there be tendency to fainting, this remedy should be

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tion to practice in New York, on the ground that his

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north-east wind, having had a few years before a very severe attack of true

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walking or on motion. Fulness and pressure on the bead,

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found to maintain the index above normal for a good

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Cue of chorea; faceaadupper part of body sfTected, lateral and downward jerk-

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was given to him by others. Now there are some echoes

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andfii^t pAoi. had to be given intercmrently ; in two cases Natrum mur. alter-

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Kxbby. E<di mur.", iatemallj and extemallj, everj six hours for three days,

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HORACE M. HICKS— Habit and Diet in the Paroxysmal Neuroses , 464

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loss is a great one not only to the profession but to his

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media, to outline the indications which necessitate