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tions resulted, such as Ireqiiently arise under ordinary treatmeal, as paralysis,

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sions, yet realizes their morbid character, the per-

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cornea (onyx) or into the anterior chamber (hypopyon), but

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(if cold eases the pain, Ferrum. phos.). Neuralgic, rheumatic

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and technological pursuits, and with this idea in view

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with beating headache, involuntary urination and laohryma-

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A classification of spirit manias is made as follows:

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Respiratory Sjrmptoms. — A usefiil intercurrent in catarrhal

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the way of a review, so it only remains for those of

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Whose throats had hanging at them wallets of flesh."

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I requested the father to inform me without &tl of the result, which he promised

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The President appointed Drs. E. H. Bartley of Brook-

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Fig. 5. — Extension of wrist with extension of fingers.

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questions the therapeutic value of the Nauheim baths

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On motion of Dr. Krauss, the minutes of the Council

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ness. In a later chapter, by the way, the same instru-

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to Gelsem. in some of its symptoms. They correspond in the

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Joseph Jastrow, the University of Wisconsin psychol-

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principles that underlie the work of those engaj^ed in

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An Act to amend section 22 of the Consolidated Public

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which she liad for two jeors, bad neftrl; dlaappeared, (W. P. WeBNlhieft, H.D.,

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The first part of the book is arranged according^ to

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co-operation of Mr. Chas. E. Doane, Counsel for the

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tures have been added. It is a practical book, and this

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money for street improvements and issue bonds there-

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In compliance with the request of the State Society,

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a "five-inch, flat, dead-smooth, needle-file" should

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in the best technique of gynecologic operations; hence

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of the diseased values, or as a result of the narrowing

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Bier's. method of inducing hyperemia in these cases.

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Kail mur. — Soft chancre, the principal remedy throughout

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tion in regard to the question of infringement of a

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Delegates to select the place and time of the annual

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subsided, and shortly after entirely disappeftred. (From Schussler.)

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An Act relative to education, constituting chapter 16,

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Second Annual Meeting, Poughkeepsie, Oct. 21, 1908,

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nia ; the operator closed the wound. The physician was

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opening. For eight weeks she has been entirely deaf Id this ear, the deahieas

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general peritonitis is practically useless, — it only

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pain, and felt greatly better. He continued another ten days with the same rente-

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of being run over, or atop walking when dangerously close to the qu^, and could

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11. "Acute Visceral Inflammations," London, 1904, p.

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it is the exception. This is not a criticism; it is

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Tuberculosis. A Treatise by American Authors on Its

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by the Council, and under its immediate control is be-

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Longmans. Green & Co., 1908. viii, 363 pp., 8vo.

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sition she wa» suspended several seconds. Suddenly the whole body jerked up-

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disturbance of the magnesium molecules they contract, hence

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trations of the volume appear for the first time, and

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Magnesia phos. — When convulsive symptoms are present.

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Dr. Cornelius Oldenberg reports a case of apasmodic retention of the urine.

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Hznixbe'b DiBXAdE.— Dr. Fellows reports in the "Cliniqoe" two cases of this

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described. Perhaps, the chief attraction of this volume

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Atrophic conditions in old people, tissues dry, scaly, lack of

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Ten years after the second edition of this work, the

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bacteriologist will be at least $1,800 a year, and that the

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and nine other plates representing Linacre's famous

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in which the stools are either clay colored or habitually

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from the government than the man with tuberculosis.

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M.D. New York, Rebman & Co., 1908. 368 pp., 8vo.

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JOHN R, SHANNON— A Case of Severe Poisoning by Homatropin 262

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in the joints, chronic or acute, that change about. Acute

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influence the kidneys of the young is still obscure.

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The President appointed Drs. E. H. Bartley of Brook-

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possible point, iti which the nutritive process sup-

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experimental medicine by restricting the discretion of

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matter of inheritance of insanity is much like that

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I was consulted by Ihe relatives of a msn snfferiiig from DtHrium Iremtnt. I

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on "Prophylaxis," which is of Jarge value and is well

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pain during typhoid is most pernicious, for it will

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after a few weeks, completely cured his trouble and he has not complained now

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fits, paroxysms ; without expectoration, spasmodic cough at

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or drawn around the body. Flatulence with pain, belching

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ward, but insisted on a resident psychiatrist in all

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Bier's. method of inducing hyperemia in these cases.

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our profession a spirit of carelessness and indifference

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MuLTiPiiE Cheloid, which appeared after the excision of a tumor, in the scar.

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was 100, pulse 90; blood pressure 100. At 845 P. M.

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