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clean tongue. Painful constriction of the muscles of the coat

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gives the ordinary technic for sterilization, prepara-

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attack, and onedoaeof ^oZipiot. effected a care. The spud; cure of this owe of

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''Roentgenology for the General Practitioner," D. R.

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LL.D., Dean and Kent Professor of Law in the School

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stirred all hearts when the life so full of activities, in

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ical profession the abuses arising from negligence, re-

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tracted bronchial catarrh ; cured bj Qilearta tulph. and Sitieea. — A- H. Z., 1883.

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remedies she has recovered greatly, her lungs are wonderfully healed up, and her

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Femun phos. — Fever, inflammation, high temperature and

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stimulating power. Paralysis of the vocal cords, loss of voice

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cation for less exercise. Absolute rest is enjoined

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lactic acid. This acid aids in later vital functions of the body,

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or the Journal for 1909. State assessments so cred-

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made for review, as dictated by their merits, or in Ae interests

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Volkmann traites par les tractions lentes et continues,

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see if the heart is normal, if the kidneys and liver

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the naiiddle cranial fossa and should yield to sur-

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Calcarea SUlph. — Epistazis. Kasal secretions tinged with

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trines, of his own school, and not by those of other

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the "Habitus" of the patient is carefully gone over,

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rial so that it is extremely easy of grasp and retention.

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for President, ii for Dr. Mulligan and i for Dr. Towns-

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Amblyopia and cataract after checked foot sweat. Boils and

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Calcarea phoa. — Chronic enlargement of the glands — as an

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An Act to amend section 332 of the Consolidated Town

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brown tongue, petechisBj sleeplessness, abnormal brain func-

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one member shall be elected for three years, one mem-

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only in the extraction of cataract but in all other

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work. He was very often called to testify as an expert

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ITatrmn mur. — Delirium occurring at any time, with start-

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An officer Eufiered for a long time from pains in the abdomen, togrther with

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times acid taste. To be taken also as a preTentative before the

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the task of giving to Art and Medicine the great work

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Committee outlining a plan of holding two meetings of

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heated room. Decidedly yellow or yellowish-green discharges

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An Act to amend sections 92 and 93 of the Consolidated

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pathological relation of the female pelvic organs of

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which beset this so-called physiological act, childbirth.

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pardonable wish to be healed and cured. But the only

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visceral ptoses, is that gynscolognsts should not forget

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lence, bringing back the taste of food partaken o£ Stomacli-

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Calcarea flnor. — Mastoid disease when the periosteum is

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Drawing up of legs in children with colic: Magnet, phot.

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ber 1st in quarters supplied for them by the Committee

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stitches and shooting pain in anus. Constipation associated

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Qumber of states in past years, and 'has appended a

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Menstrual. — Excessive congestion, blood bright red. This

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regarding her recovery as was mentioned in the article

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white coated tongue. Dyspepsia, pain or heavy feeling in the

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in the stomach bad quileceaaed soon after Caking the medicine. The little fellow

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ation of the mouth. Great fetor from the mouth. The

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share of attention. The illustrations are exceptionally

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ered (and unsuspected by the patient) for forty years.

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Gouty predisposition to headache : Ferr. phos., Nalr. eulph.

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suitable for chronic cases, or after the first stage is past,

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An Act to amend section 84 of the (Consolidated Labor

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After suppuration has ceased to be active, but the process

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of life, proper and sufficient food and ventilation.

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February 3, reported; February 9, to third reading.

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of the Introductory Exercises attending the Opening in

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Professor of Diseases of the Eye, New York Post-Graduate

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The graphic methods enable the diagnostician to form

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the hallmark of sincerity, of cases actually observed,

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Appendix III contains a very useful list of the prin-

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Fermm phos. — Inflammation of the skin when there

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♦ Read before the Fifth District Branch of the Medical Societj

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right angles the contractile power is subsequently un-

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rheumatism, dyspepsia, intestinal troubles, etc., ensue. Accord-

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