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it could, but statistics and experience have proven

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that in this condition during rest the blood supply

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cology and Obstetrics, July, 1907, reports improvement

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cer Hospital, he studied closely the subject of cancer,

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culosis; typical forms of organization of associations;

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" and if a strict observance is had in their aelection, the physician will cure all

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irritation with stiffness of nape of the neck with headache.

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The list of works on dietetics has been largely added

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made, a drainage tube inserted and daily irrigation >

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The following offiters were elected for the ensuing

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after a few days was np and and about as usual. (C. T. M.)

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the 2x to the l^x trilnration, with results the moat gratifying, controlling the

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thrcure advanced steadily aniil he was well. This case was prononnc«d hopelesB

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An Act relative to tenement houses, constituting chap-

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An Act to amend section 667 of the Greater New York

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out emitted a terrible stench. About a month previoos a piece of cttrious bone

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etc, with Kali mur., in fourteen dsys. The result quite surprised me." — Pop.

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' was an authority, and in the latter field he was known

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" where the patient is delirious or nervous and in the more malig^iant form of the

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patient to have the tear sac removed, especially as the

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of the gall-bladder with cystic duct partly blocked

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readily bleeding, with torpid, callous edges, fistulous ulcers,

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attack, connected with bilious vomiting. Neuralgic headache,

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An Act to authorize the commissioners of the Sinking

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features. Silicea ripens abscess, since it promotes snppnration.

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Resolved, That this House of Delegates requests all

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Sleep. — Spasmodic yawning, "Insommia from exhaustion

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missioners of the village of Watkins to retire certain

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latterly the egeeta had the appearance of coffee grounds. He had suffered from

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derived from them. Particularly interesting and satis-

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for yellow, slimy expectoration. Pneumonia with wheezing,

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brain ttmior with resulting convulsive seizures, and

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specific gravity and increase in the solid constit-

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cology,— McDowell, Sims, Hodges, Skene, Emmett and

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pure, undoubted myelogenous leukemia, and one of in-

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The following officers were elected for 1909: Presi-

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with flexible rod at wrist to permit gradual change of

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I>aiQ, the sense of heat or cold and the muscular sense, each

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'degree of photophobia; pain was leli-sided and involved the supramaiillary

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acrid. Inflammation of the tongue when suppurating.

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it also fails. In infants a positive reaction gives

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adds that it acts better in hot water. Many practitioners have

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nosis, operation was immediately performed. No per-

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thickened on lower lid, and to a lesser extent on the

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A Journal Devoted to tlie Intereats of tbe Medical Society of tbe State of New York

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mlph. For gravel, calculous, pbosphatic deposit. To check

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parties in this country it is a sign that the need for it

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An Act to authorize the sale or exchange of rifle range

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parent epidemics. Fourth, The incurability of insanity.

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and Sepia had no beneficial eflecL Two dofiea of Kali mdph}^, taken in water morn-

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An Act to amend section 7, article i, of the Constitution,,

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let us be thankful to the specialist, big or small,

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istence of tyi)hoid fever is a national disgrace, and that

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first seemed to him to be the simplest character of

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sent to the hospital in an ambulance and fracture of

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girlslept quietly for several hours. In ihe morning almost free from fever, and

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reported; April 5, to third reading; April 7, passed;

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ing the first three, while holding that Ribot, die oldest,

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member shall be elected for three years, one member

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another short manic attack, and was again treated in

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An Act to amend section 326 of the (>>nsolidated State

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quate account of in this volume of the Practical Medi-

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by instinct, habit, or skill, as in games, or in art.

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