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tenth term for which he was elected a member of the

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tuberculin test is moFe reliable than the von Pirquet.

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also reproved by the Austrian Society of Provers, and the patho-

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the Medical Sodetar of the State of New York, 17 West Forty-

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portion, may have proved to be the last straw which

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conscious, although he told me later that he had no

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majority of instances in persons of typical "habitus

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hence it recedes after partial evacuation. Patient is always

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ing a thunder-storm. (Raue.) As a constitutional remedy

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the action of the Board of Trustees in restricting ad-

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second remedy in rheumatic fever with chilliness and charac-

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what is sometimes, in long intervals, met in polit-

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Tydschr, voor geneesk, Eerste Helft, Nov. 10, 1908.

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imtances a cure waa efiecled. (J. B. Bkeela, M. D., Haiuumiamian MoatUy, 1880.)

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with hectic flush — chronic coryza with total loss of taste and

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"Sindbad's Disease," with lantern illustrations of the

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tent. Diarrhced copious, watery, sudden, painful, often accom-

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canine hunger, irritation of nostrils, constipation, great thirst,

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hour with Magaaia phos., 6x, a dose every ten minutes. (E. T. H.)

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Calcarea phos. — Vomiting after cold water and ice cream.

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bers of students and, as residents, a superior class

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in question as having been issued by the Superintendent

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dysecoia lay. The tale his mother tells is, that he was vaccinated when three

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5. "Finkelstein's Views of Intestinal Intoxication,"

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the foot securely in its corrected antero-posterior

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his relations to the public makes it impossible for

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" current Beeds in one of Ug moTemenltt. There could be no doubl as to the diag-

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It also contains a grammatical guide for the student of

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Natrum Bulph. — Irritable liver, bilious attack, too much

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reconciled to its appearance on eardi and to its ulti-

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children of 150 normal mothers gained 49.3 per cent.

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Natural Forces." An admirable analysis of tlie char-

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An Act making an appropriation for repairs to quar-

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its slight affinity for the usual laboratory stains

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will reveal conditions materially different in dif-

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treated in the institute at Paris 29,261 cases, and

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are protected, though in general this applies to civil

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very characteristic, but not necessarily present. Aggravation

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In the evening an address was given by W. G. Bissell,

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the children in the home prevented them having it, though with the sick one

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Feb. I, '08. May 29, '08. Nov. 15, '08. Dec. 20, '08.

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terpretation of their records, with illustrative cases, are

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appearance or bubbles of frothy saliva extend along Its sides, or is

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puD nor local tendemees, in fact no tangible BjmploniB, the condition of aoomia

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children, cerebral palsies and nervous disorders gener-

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the explanatory reading matter, are especially clear

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that 48 had been reinstated, making a total of 107 new

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brown complezioD. This woman whb a waBherwoman at Oreuille, and whom I

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up a statement of the reasons why it is advantageous

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a great mass of information, but his manner of pre-

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betterment of present conditions, and while not an ideal

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CHARLES C. ZACHARIE— Microcephalus with Enccphalocele 408

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action was acceleraled, bnt no abnormal eonnd was to be diatingaished. Subse-

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Amount of drug power, one-tenth. Dilutions must be pre-

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Natruni mui. — Coating slimy, clear and watery, especially

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was crushed in a vise, or something gnawing there. After

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there is often colic and diarrhoea, and in children

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additional materials through Google Book Search. Please do not remove it.

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was sent and the doctor applied for a mal-practice de-

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"short the disease, and the remedies that I have found to do this most certainly

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Hallopeau, of Paris, writes about the use of atoxyl

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exoept on the face, nhich allayed the itching and rednau. He has taken in th«

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