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President — I. M. Unger, Ithaca; Vice-President —
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however, he chose to write a book in a hurry, and as
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found practically occluded after death from angina.
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ARTHUR A. GILLETTE— Acute and Chronic Nephritis in the Young 332
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and H. R. Ainsworth. IDelegate to the House of Dele-
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Calcarea phos. — Non-clostire of foramen ovale. Palpita-
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form, from a''r^n1ar," three doaea a daj', aod had been for a year or mora; all to
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now bis mght was qnite gone. Thepuiicularsof the case were these; The bulbus
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Great dryness and burning in noae. Pus becomes green on
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true value of many of the older approved drugs. Our
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for a laboratory, suitable for the work required, will
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with a horny scab, which after a time fell off and left a little sore. This spread
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volved the questions of the care of burns and also the
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A motion that the previous question be called for was
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Seeing certain colors with certain sounds is the tjrpe
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or to the physiology of the circulation, than a careful
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thirds vote of all the members of the house of dele-
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Vomited moderately, at first bile, but in the later
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acute or subacute. Worse on motion. Soreness in every part
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rheumatic fever. I found the little patteat, who had been taken ill the previous
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Kali snlph, — Pulse quick with alow, throbbing, boring pain
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geon to St Luke's, Bellevue, City and M. E. Hospiuls.
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particular region or organ to which one is to look for
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had operated on the pastor of Jjuidau for cataract, and she went to see him. " If
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Training School for Girls, by H. V. Bruce, M.D., Super-
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years at the previous meeting — Henry Van Hoevenberg.
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this part is perhaps less strongly presented. For instance
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reasons why it is advantageous to members of the pro-
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deposit of uric acid. Enuresis from worms and in chorea.
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relative to barge canal harbor at Rochester. By Mr.
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coltunn and this will be deemed by us a full equivalent to
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suspect paralysis everywhere. I acknowledge I may have given Kaii phot, too
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sore, comers ulcernted. Kdi mur*. Improvement set in at once, and ulcer com-
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pain in chest. Phthisical abscess of lungs. Cough and sore
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tube was placed in the lateral incision. Patient was
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ting. Vomiting of bright red blood. Tendency to nosebleed
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wrapper, and also, at least once In the Joubnal or Directory, proTlded. howeyer, that the date of the Joubbai* or
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amount of all property of tiie Society under its control
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of proportion to necessities more vital for restor-
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McLaughlin. To Internal Affairs Cx>mmittee. Printed
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date of the Joubmal In which the formula of the adTortlaed preparation may be found.
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egg, with feeling of weakness in sexual organs, worse after
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whereon to develop rational therapeutics. What to-day
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WENDELL C. PHILLIPS— The Indications for and Results of Operative Treatment, Inculding the Sim-
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Annual Meeting, Hornell, N. Y., September 16, 1909.
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will in all probability persist in its use, and derive the
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two: Miss A. W., ten years of age, called to sec me,
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parts of boiling water. It is insoluble in alcohol. It has a
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he spent two years in the study of surgery in Europe,
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those sending them. A selection from these volumes will be
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portion, may have proved to be the last straw which
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of great benefit, especially if the trouble has not
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joints, in scrofuloas and racbiUc children." (Arndt.)
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either inflammatory or degenerative processes." The
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This latter paper discussed very fully the treatment
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mend its adoption, and that the State Legislature and
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or five days, after which I gave tonics, etc. Within two
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cult, on the other hand, than to make patients persevere
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hardly yet recovered from. A table of curable, incur-
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Finance of the Council, be appointed by the chair, the
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Kali mnr, — Bleeding piles when the blood is dark and
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it has been the aim of the author "to give a short and
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on ^ther side when pressed against parietal bones ; bearing impaired on affected
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of the lower lip, peels offin large flakes ; epithelioma, burning
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Synonyms. — Silica. Silicea Terra. Silex. Decarbonized
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clinical picture is entirely different. The patient,
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FeiTum phos. — First stage of cold in the head, with
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Halsted, Syracuse, N. Y.; T. H. Farrell, Utica, N. Y.:
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acter, and enough kindly humor to make his force felt
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had the benefit of the mild climate, the sunshine, and
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Detre, L. — "Die Anwendung der differentialen Ku-
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III. Eighteenth Series, 1908. Philadelphia and Lon-
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•Read at the Annual meeting of the Fifth District Branch of
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