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method, new molecules of this salt must be supplied to the
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of myelocytes in the first smear of December 6, 1907.
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references are given to enable the reader to pursue the
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Ina severe epidemic of diphtheria, mo*t cases terminating &tBlIj, a well-known
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Calcarea fluor. — After-pains. — If too weak, contractions
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"found him suffering with agonizing pain in tbe right iliac region. He had been
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An Act to amend generally chapter 103 of Laws 1903,
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like masses of mucus, painful, straining, coagulated casein
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matter. Worse in a heated room, or in the evening. Mucus
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gas (miasma), or bacteria (fungi). Dry mountain air, which is
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Delegate to the Third District Branch,. G. G. Lempc.
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had been treated to no purpose with manj ramediGs apparently called for, as
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fever as an intercurrent. Pain after eating even the smallest
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functional standpoint ; each living cell is also an
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to their normal physiological condition, they are enabled to
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vented her from lilting anything heavy. She often felt rather eihauated, and bad
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Silicea. — When suppuration appears, this remedy should
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share in the privileges and property of the society, the
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pear by an energetic anti-syphilitic treatment, and
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first election held after the adoption of this By-Law,
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Effects of bites of insects (externally), warts in the palms of
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in cities of first and second class. By Mr. Francis.
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describing a bad method for the cure of hernia. Evi-
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Epistaxis, Cole, tulpk.. Kali phos.. Kali eulph., Natr. pkoe., Natr
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Hatrum mnr. — Tension and heat in renal region. Brick-
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for honorary membership. This, under the rules, was
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General Action. — Natr. mur. promotes the activity of
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fever ; profuse night sweats and great debility. Chronic bron-
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breathing ceases, the head turns backward, the face is blue,
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brings the process to maturity ; Cole, sulph. heals the process
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and had the presence of mind to remember a bundle which la; on the seat at hie
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in youth or in old age, where the lime salts are at fault. In
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the oxalic acid, and when a little liquid green soap
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In another case, a great deal worse, having lasted twenty-five years, the staly
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Menstrual. — Excessive congestion, blood bright red. This
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Has bad for some time back a ravenous appetite, especially for aweet thii^s, which
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The book is profusely illustrated with original draw-
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had traveled all over the world to fiind some place
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Tuberculosis case has supra pubic fistula after 9 months.
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L. Olendorf, Cobleskill; Treasurer — Le R. Becker,
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ety of the Sute of New York at Poughkeepsie. N. Y., October
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burning, throbbing pain. Congestive stage of otitis. Ear-
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mittee consists of: R. Abbe, H. M. Biggs, J. D. Bryant,
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by any one at all interested in the subject He follows
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