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or in cases where rapid restoration of tissue nutrition is

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in consumption with thick, milky white expectoration, or

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Head and Scalp. — Violent pulsating headache, worse on top of

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Several press reports of my paper on Congregational

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ley ; Third District, J. L. Archambault ; Fourth District,

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Calcarea phos. — Chronic swelling of the tonsils, causing

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" out intermission, and the inflammatory symptoms steadily improved and the

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tion to change the time and place of the annual meeting,

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to revoke the license of six practitioners of medicine,

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S. HENRY DESSAU— Essentials in the Diagnosis of Diseases in Children 335

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The following officers were elected : • President-^

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quent Issue of the JouBirAXi.'' After February Ist, 1909, no advertisements of medical preparations can be inserted unless they haye

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repeated doses are indicated in scrofulous, glandular swellings

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meatus and on membrana tympani; excessive granulations.

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latest, Altara's demonstrations of disease germs in

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Kali phOB. — Inflammation of the tongue when excessive

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of some value, is not of as high a value as all this

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and other symptoms correspond, acts probably by increasing

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must be given in molecular form. Doae : 10-15 grains of the

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There is much floundering about when the technique of

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attacks of gout. Great weakness and weariness. Chronic

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as taken, with or without acid taste, the food returns un-

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diseases, to heal the conditions causing putrid evacuations.

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Fenruu phOB. — Pain at the monthly periods with fluahed

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Minutes of the meetings of the Council held May 3d,

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analysis of the clinical s)miptoms. Paralytic ileus

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continuation of the Directory of physicians for two

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His accomplishments in this direction have long been

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Replying to the questions in the fifth paragrraph of

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hoara. The following daj there whs a marked improvemeat and in four da^

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Chapter i, of the By-Laws of the U. S. Pharmacopodal

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ing of strength, feeling of inability to rise, or to remain up, yet

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hill. His early life was spent there, but at the age of

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fracture of the clavicle. The complaint m this case was

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condition — a nunor — call it so — ^that a surgeon is

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An Act for the supervision of laundries for the pre-

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sweets or coffee, and in two weeks her eyes were prac-

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by the presence in the tissues of living parasites.

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An Act relative to perpetual care of private cemetery

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those of feeble intelligence, neurasthenics and degen^

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of age. It is called chylous ascites, and is marked

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should prove useful to examiners. A great deal of the

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maintenance of county hospitals for the care of per-

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tious diseases, e. g., rheiunatism, influenza, diph-

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histologVj pathology and bacteriology, both on his part

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have gained control had he been committed to an insti-

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later, wheD it fails, with dilated pupils, staring eyes, starting

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can be eliminated. by medical treatment, and even so

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nose. Inveterate ulceration producing acrid, corroding dis-

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and that an appointment did not make service manda-

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heated room with a yellow, slimy coating on the tongue.

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that the former are prone to think of and deal with

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-much is said about irresponsibility in epilepsy. It

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sentation and his style, as seen through the translation,

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An Act to amend the Consolidated Public Hezdth Law,

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A lady of healthy appearance suffered since several weeks with faceache, radiat-

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Kali mnr. — Jaundice if the disease has been caused by a

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Copious perspiration around head, accompanying paralytic

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"ether feeding" in a chloroform narcosis is mentioned,

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Dr. C.H. Thompson, of Santa Boea, furnishes us a case of neuralgic node in the

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the circulation — especially when from the arterial system,

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be marked 'copy* or 'copia' and should be plainly and

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and love, he could only take for theme and plot what

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W. Watson, at. 40. Ulceration of stomach, vomited all his food, and

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form, from a''r^n1ar," three doaea a daj', aod had been for a year or mora; all to

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various committees, had been vice-president, and was