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be transmitted or communicated from man to man, from
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but close enough to obliterate the subungal spaces.
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cha&d : Cfda, phot,, Natr. phot., Natr, mlph.. Kali tulph., KaH
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were therein laid down to enable students to pass an
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itrc^lar mOTementa. Better during sleep, aggravated at Btool and hy emotiona.
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from a non-syphilitic patient a slightly green ring
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One of the most striking commentaries upon There are certain limitatfons in the serum
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Volkmann's ischaemic paralysis, Glasgow Med. Jour.,
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Kali snlph, — Blistering variety to facilitate the falling off
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are translated and it is easily understood by even those
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ment of certain serious diseases. He emphasizes the
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dry, spasmodic cough, with feeling of soreness in the lungs,
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remedy for diabetes, for, as is well known, sugar is changed into
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gall bladder occurs ; this constitutes another rea-
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My practice is extensive, have had over ninety cases in six
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possible. After eight weeks of imperfect immobiliza-
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have expected that our author having for his subject,
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this ; the next time he was seen there still remained eloeare of the Eustachian
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Laches., also Baptis. and Mur. ae. In bladder troubles Kali phos.
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Ferrum phoB. — Inflamed piles, bleeding piles, blood bright
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of lactic acid, resulting from overfeeding with milk and
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of therapeutics, since it is only by prompt recourse
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109, no, III, 120, 121, 122, 124, 128, I34f i3o» 13a
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The author says it is the greatest therapeutic advance
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year many thoroughly competent nurses are graduated,
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when small bubbles of frothy saliva cover the sides. Loss of
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brother physicians upon the thoroughness of his exami-
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The passing of Dr. Wey is a distinct loss to his pro-
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tongue, also when fat and pastry disagree. Torpid liver,
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in the back. Swelling and suppuration of azillary glands.
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four hours during the first day. If it is impossible
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prove to be the basic artericsclerosis universalis,
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leukemia on a white cell count of 20,000 alone, even
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thing in our power to purify the practice of medicine
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aqueous solutions in colorless, transparent, anhydrous cubes ;
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muscle, nerves, hone, brain and teeth. A disturbance of its
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for sour things, aversion to meat, bread and cooked food. 12
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children. Trans. Med. Soc, London, 1900-1, xxiv, 294.
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charge of the troublesome cases, and not the disposition
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and inner ear, with yellow, watery discharge and yellow coat-
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has published so many of our standard medical works.
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is difficult to cull especially interesting data for presen-
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He was firm in his convictions but deferential to the
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matter of considerable expense, of doubtful value, and
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character who combined great knowledge with the broad-
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charge moderate and of a white mucus ; sometimes there ia
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of one century becomes the triviality of the next, we
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quantity than thotra of lime in the muscles. Qrant this fact then, aod we have
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interference. Eighteen montha liter, the nine femnr nutained another fnctare,
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phoa^ 6z, in tbint, appetite and general strengtb, also in quantity of arine. How-
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tiveness accompany it. Greasy scabs with offensive smell;
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and the X-Ray," illustrated by the stereopticon, Arthur
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the Chaimian, all of whom shall be residents of Pough-
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"A Further Report on Basal Fractures Treated by Sub-
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exoeedingl; painful cramp in the calvea. Eracaatioiu bad the appearance of
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Officers elected for January, 1909, are as follows:
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larged spleen, tender sternum and clavicle had Previous inquiries as to a possible syphilis had
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House of Delegates of the Medical Society of the State
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feature, the sudden death, is caused by the occlusion of
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for the belter in a week, and it being continued cured the ca«e in two months.
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instituted, the mother noticed a slight enlargement of
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heated room with a yellow, slimy coating on the tongue.
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syphilis by the injection of soluble salts of mercury.
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* Read before the Medical Society of the State of New York
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not considered very dignified, much less essential. We
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sections, 76a and 76b, relative to the discharge of
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special consideration follows of the various forms of
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* Read before the Medical Society of the State of New York,
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gout, ccdema, dropsy, yellow-coated tongue with bitter taste, Natrttm euiph,, 3x,
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the Medical Society of the State of New York, Auburn, N. Y.,
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adding a new section, 20, relative to the detention and
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sity of Manchester. With illustrations. Second edi-
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trated, with the characteristic tongue, etc. ; malarious cachexia,
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toms. But the most striking resemblance is with Coloc. in
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Eulenburg quotes the amusing comment of the intelli-
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Society, at the Quarterly Meeting, held at Piermount, June 34,
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by a loud bombing noise and afterward be unable to sleep " for the racket in his
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lieving pains in limbs and great toe. Palpitation, feels puls^
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condolence on the deaths of Drs. John T. Wheeler, of
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the State of New York, to attend. Dr. A. M. Campbell
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M.D., Chatham, First Vice-President Medical Society
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the statements appearing in the editorial of Dr. Robin-
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acidity; stools sour smelling, green, with yellow, creamy
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flaps is preferable to the kink or scissors, as the cut
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able suggestion. It displays a wonderful appreciation
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retain them as a Stat^ Reservation for the free use and
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