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visceral ptoses, is that gynscolognsts should not forget
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affect the public health. In the second place, they
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able example of such a work. It deals, of course, with
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transfusion in tiding over a critical and threaten-
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The wide range of his investigations is shown by the
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tioners, this book would appear at first sight to have
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All books for review should be sent to the business office of
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and stools still natural. I gave three di&rent medicines— amongst these, Jeon,
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children, cerebral palsies and nervous disorders gener-
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Calcarea inlpjl. — Braises, cuts, wounds, etc., when neg-
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brown complezioD. This woman whb a waBherwoman at Oreuille, and whom I
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ing and the back part of the roof of the mouth looks creamy
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back to the fold and refill the churches. Like all other
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Amount of drug power, one-tenth. Dilutions must be pre-
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when the affection is seated in the submucous connective tis-
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tion; convulsive fita of nervous cough ending in a whoop;
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was sent and the doctor applied for a mal-practice de-
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and Universities; Incorporated Colleges of Pharmacy,
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* Read before the Medical Society of the County of Rich*
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ing these patients that if they want to be well they
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Qinical Professor of Heart and Circulatory Diseases, Fordham
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is dependent on inflammation making no intervals and in-
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therein. Thepeculiarmentalstateof /Vi«a(. is also found under
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is present, both during inspiration and expiration,
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Kagnesia phoa, — Convulsions in teething without fever, in
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times acid taste. To be taken also as a preTentative before the
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lactic acid in the blood; thus purifying that fluid organ from
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Dr. Allen A. Jones suggested the advisability of em-
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in 1851. Clinicians feared that the reflection of such
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SynonymB. — Potassium Sulphate. Kali Sulphas. Potassae
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remainder. At this third paracentesis, twelve oimces
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Special Meeting, Troy, Wednesday, December 9, 1908.
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tion, autointoxication, anemia and chlorosis ; also
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wandering rheumatic pains in the joints. Fungoid arthritis.
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stored glycogen into the acid. The liver is the prime and
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painful. The joints of the vertebne, at the nape of the necli, were implicated,
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or changes in Constitution and By-Laws be submitted
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lasted, then continue Kali mur. alone. These remedies soon relieved him and he
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Constipation, alternating with diarrhcea : Natr. mw
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it pleases, and a bill would be introduced into the Legis-
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that in this condition during rest the blood supply
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second. Blisters form, also scalds from boiling water. Can
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of the ulcer, which had the appearance of half dried cream. After Natnim phot.
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sociation of consciousness^ nK)re or less, and they
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moscopic Diagnosis. By Prof. Dr. O. Haab of Zurich.
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indeed, I have little to complain of except occasionally— only occasionally — a
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reliance on clinical pictures led to in the case of
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thing, and as a rule something of more than usual in-
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Natrum mur. — A useful intercurrent remedy in puerperal
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to the public. The aims and mission of medicine, in its
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there, as might be expected where twenty-five men have
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Fotmdation. It is a timely and valuable publication.
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are adynamic eytnptoms, and the suppurative process becomes
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elected: Dr. A. T. Bristow 54, Dr. Charles Jewett 47,
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abdomen very much dUtended. As the child was all this tinie in high fever, and
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evidently to deal with two different affections — hypopyon (matter in the eye), and
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surpass those of any other text-book on the subject