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on diflerent days. Magnetiapkoi. cured this case In twelve hours.

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of their own homes. I believe that allowing patients

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with a little careful study, which will at the same

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tient is generally lucid, there are great emotional

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Worse when bodj gets cold, Magnctia pioK." every three hours removed the pain

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new school medicines had failed to cure. (Dr. F., iiom SchUssler.)

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sidered at greater length. Bier*s treatment, as applied

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without any benefit. At last I gave her, in May, 1876, two doses, daily, of Dr.

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ing in the morning after waking, lasting till noon, or going

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five feet l«n iDchee higb, weight in health 160 lbs., familj conBDmptive, two sia-

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symptoms present peculiar to this group of ailments.

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Address— "Physiological Liberty— Some Thoughts of

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Atrophic conditions in old people, tissues dry, scaly, lack of

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chronic cases. Burning in soles and extends to knees. Ar-

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and, upon further appeal to the Court of Last Resort

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dissolve several bodies insoluble in water, e. g., Gale, phos., etc.

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Eruptions. Suddenly receding through a chill or from

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was dismissed, judgment in full for the doctor's bill

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well in this instance, was de Fursac has produced a

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tity of infection may oftencr be successfully resisted.

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nervous symptoms, better during eating; depression. Noises

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the Society and shall forfeit all right and title to any

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tion is given to testing and assaying and to prescription

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such a building and asked the doctors to subscribe to

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of such county, forming the part of the water supply

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rial so that it is extremely easy of grasp and retention.

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tify and be subject to full examination and cross-ex-

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much as a beaa, disKilved in water, and taken repeatedly, cured the young lady

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An hallucination may be defined as a sensation with-

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forced that the contrary is the' fact, let every case

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pathologist as well as surgeon. The book is readable

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An Act to amend section 371 of the Consolidated Real

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Chirtirs^ical College; Consulting Physician to the Jewish

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water of crystallization ; melting also freely at 33° C. ; above

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Hepar sulph. but it acts deeper and more intensely.

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piles, associated with antemia; face pale, readily flushing, cold

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of Physicians and Surgeons, and Surgeon of the Pres-

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portant subject, either of approval or disapproval.

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that the possibilities of surgery of chronic abdom-

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at this stage ; it is simply dissected out of its bed

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author generally avoids controversial subjects, but he

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character of the subject of a biography, or of a bio-

tegretol (carbamazepine) is a classified

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One of the most striking commentaries upon There are certain limitatfons in the serum

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2. ♦Dennis J. Harte, D., 35. Stevens St, Long Island

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into hypertrophies and atrophies, is of most value, al-

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An Act to amend section 18 of the Consolidated Insan-

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lives, and great reduction in expenses of caring for the

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ler's Therapy, and ordered MagTKgia pAos. After taking this remedy on the 10th

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thing else. It is sufiicient to say that its origi-

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sist of five members: the Secretary and Treasurer of

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assured position that it always has. It is a concise

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muscles consisted of a small ball of elastic tissue

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blur of colors was all he perceived of objects beyond a

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September 9, found child with double inguinal hernia

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Clear, watery, starch-like sputa. Secretion causes soreness and

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weiy alight ecarlatina. Theraah had diaappeared after scarcely twenty- four houn.

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duced immediate improvement, although we considered her moribund (she had

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109, no, III, 120, 121, 122, 124, 128, I34f i3o» 13a

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the teeth to the large intestine receives full con-

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Gircnlatory Oi^ians. — Angina pectoris, neuralgic spasms (better

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This treatise on diseases of the heart is well suited

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1. Sultan, Deutsche Zeitsch, f. Chirurgie, B. xlviii S.,

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better arranged; the light is better, and the facilities

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larged spleen, tender sternum and clavicle had Previous inquiries as to a possible syphilis had

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tirely removes the fear of a visit to the surgeon's

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pulse 120, with unmistakable signs of peritonitis. Ab-

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etc. ; it has a legal status with the people and pres-

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but it is liable to begin at the periphery and spread to the

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ner's work at the Rockefeller Institute is chronicled.

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equipment, gives scant courtesy to spraying-apparatuses,

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tongue is coated white. It may be alternated with Fen^m

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