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Training School for Girls, by H. V. Bruce, M.D., Super-
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of its esteemed colleague, Dr. Robert A. Murray, which
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Bwelling, and cold water poured over it thrice a daj. Some parts were blue lotA'
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stringy mucus coughed up. " Is applicable to cachetic persons
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points of view — ^first, by reason of the amount involved,
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he had been laid up three months with a fractured arm, and was in a very
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S. MacCUEN SMITH— Purulent Disease of the Middle Ear. The Treatment of Meningeal, Sinus and
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When he came to me (last March) he sud he had been unable to bear anytliiog
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mia where nutrition is manifestly defective." (Arndt.)
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Polyuria, simplex ; Natr. mvr., Ferr. phot,, Nair. su^h., Natr. phot..
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President — I. M. Unger, Ithaca; Vice-President —
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Bellevue & Allied Hospitals. 6th Annual Report.
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throughout his life, never relinquishing practice. Be-
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cessful employment in hysteria, hypochondriasis and spinal
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tion to food, as well as the habits, diet, exercise,
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symptoms present peculiar to this group of ailments.
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ing Merrow, Hawken and Winters, have like the Arabs
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that a patient cost the State $187 a year, of which
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chronic conditions are prone to occur — especially
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Hemorrhoidal constipation. Constipation accompanied with
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Silicea. — Spinal irritation alternating with offensive foot-
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der Beginnenden Lungen— und Bronchialdruessentuber-
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Head and Sealp. — Headaches concurrently with small lumps
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a hospital. It also ultimately tends to nullify the
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ton, Oxford University Press, Warwick Square, E. C.
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showed only tiie slightest indisposition or changes
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but it is surely a new thing in religion to be told that
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that auto-intoxication is not an entity but a symp-
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ventilation to be essential in the process of cure.
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Senior Surgeon to the Children's Hospital, Padding-
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Century, whose meaning has been so well set forth by
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At last 1 thought lo have found her remedy in«f., as I had heard nothing
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tion, i^, relative to cruelty to. animals. By Mr. Lan-
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